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1988 Mercury Sable With 1950 Ford Exterior Parts Is For Sale

The concept of applying different bodywork to the exterior of a vehicle is nothing new – in fact, this practice has gained quite a bit of traction in the world of restomods, where folks have been doing precisely that to make a new or old vehicle look like something newer or older for years now. We’ve seen our fair share of interesting and downright weird mashups like this lately, including a 1996 Ford Thunderbird wearing bodywork reminiscent of a 1950s Blue Oval model, as well as a 1991 Ford Taurus equipped with body panels from a Chevy Camaro, for example. Now, we’ve come across something even stranger – a 1988 Mercury Sable that’s been fitted with 1950s Ford exterior parts, and is up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

1988 Mercury Sable With 1950 Ford Exterior Parts - Exterior 002 - Rear

One thing’s for certain – this 1988 Mercury Sable sure looks a lot different than anything we’ve ever laid eyes on, but whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, well, we’ll leave that for our readers to decide. It’s pretty clear that a lot of effort went into this strange project, at least, because it isn’t some sort of half-baked hack job – the panels actually line up quite nicely, though the mismatched center portion of the wagon doesn’t look quite right combined with the curvy, vintage panels.

1988 Mercury Sable With 1950 Ford Exterior Parts - Interior 001

Yes, even the most casual, non-automotive enthusiast is bound to notice that something’s a bit off here, particularly after they take a peek inside the cabin. There, the interior is mostly, well, 1988 Mercury Sable, but it has been fitted with some sort of homemade wooden dash covering and an older looking steering wheel. The seller also removed the rear seats to make this a panel delivery with a wooden floor, which is a nod to the 1950s, too.

1988 Mercury Sable With 1950 Ford Exterior Parts - Engine Bay 001

However, when one pops the hood, they won’t find some vintage powerplant – but rather, the original 3.8L V6 residing in the engine bay, which has just a bit under 100,000 miles on it. Otherwise, there are plenty of flaws to note, including some cracks in the dashboard, ripped seats, and surface rust underneath. Regardless, the seller clearly thinks they have something special on their hands, given the asking price of $14,500, though we have a hard time believing anyone will pay that to bring this weird mashup home.

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  1. JimL

    I hate that I don’t hate this.

  2. Coopster

    Regarding the 86 Sable mashup trying to make it look like a 50 Ford: These conversions like the C5,C6 Corvettes clad in retro C1 or C2 panels has been done well and getting better. Turning ‘80’s Ford and Mercs into 50’s clothing has been decent. This guy missed the boat with the 86 Sable wagon. Should have welded the back doors, filled the gaps and ran a panel the full length from the start of the rear door glass all the way to the tail. Now, that might be a more pleasing look that I could get behind.

  3. Dave Mathers


  4. Tstang05

    There’s a gentleman in Myrtle Beach, SC that has done the same thing, except with two ’55 coupes, and using 2006 & 07 S197 Mustangs. Because of them being coupes, the body lines are a better fit. He and his daughter use them as daily drivers.


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