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1998 Lincoln Continental With Just 36K Miles Up For Auction

With certain vehicles from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s quickly becoming coveted collectibles, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of cool models from those eras surface for auction in recent months. That list includes the Lincoln Continental, as a supremely nice, low-mile, 2000 model year example of the big luxurious sedan just popped up for sale a few months ago. Now, fans of that discontinued model have a chance to bid on an equally nice example – this time, a 1998 Lincoln Continental with just 36k miles that’s currently up for grabs at Cars & Bids.

1998 Lincoln Continental With 36K Miles - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

As one might imagine, with such low mileage, this 1998 Lincoln Continental doesn’t have many flaws to note, and it’s finished in a lovely shade dubbed Ivory Pearlescent. That paint is marred by the typical scratches and paint chips, and the tires need to be replaced, as they’re weather-cracked as well. Otherwise, the exterior of this luxury barge presents nearly as good as new.

1998 Lincoln Continental With 36K Miles - Interior 001

That’s also true of the luxurious Ivory-colored interior, which is chock full of amenities including leather seating, power-adjustable front seats, wood trim, an analog clock, automatic climate control, cruise control, and a cassette player. Other that the typical creases in the leather seats and a non-operational passenger grab handle, this is a super sanitary cabin, indeed.

1998 Lincoln Continental With 36K Miles - Engine Bay 001

Under the hood, this Continental is powered by the naturally-aspirated Ford 4.6L V8, which was originally rated to send 260 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission, while an air suspension ensures a cushy ride. As they say, automakers simply don’t make vehicles like this anymore – at least not Lincoln – making this nicely kept example pretty desirable in our book.

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  1. DAB

    I had a 2000 Continental in silver with the light gray leather and column shift just like this. I purchased it brand new and what a fantastic car to drive. However, I must have gotten one of the only “bad” ones as it gave me issues. First was the erratic wipers that would just turn on with no help from me. Very frustrating in those mid-west summers where the bugs grow the size of grapes and leave quite the splat on the windshield, just to have those wipers turn on and smear them all over. The other thing was a total engine failure. At 1,800 miles the timing belt broke while I was on the freeway in the winter cold. Car had to be towed and the dealer proceeded to give me a Ford Focus loaner car. Not a good experience.

    Anyhow, I do feel that was just a bad apple and not the norm. I would buy one of these again because they are CARS and because they are super comfy. Nothing like sitting behind the wheel with a proper column shifter, looking down the long hood while sitting on a softer seat that doesn’t have the hard ridges sticking up causing major discomfort. America must get back to building large and comfy luxury cars again. Not everyone wants a stupid SUV, hard lumpy sport’s seat and a stiff ride.

  2. Crabbymilton

    Here here. That 4.6 engine was one of the best that FORD built but for some reason, that version wasn’t all that good. I don’t know how the 3.8 that was in earlier versions was in terms of quality but I guess it just didn’t have the power one would expect on a LINCOLN. But regardless of engine, cars like that were nice and smooth just like the TOWN CAR. Such a shame that they stopped building the 2016-2020 version. Especially the COACH DOOR version. 400hp available would have provided more than ample highway power.

  3. JE

    One of the last true Lincolns. Not everybody likes orcis willing to buy a boring cookie cutter SUV or crossover no matter what.

  4. Michael K

    It definitely hasn’t aged well, looks like a Buick and costs twice as much.

  5. Tigger

    A great Lincoln from the days when Ford actually had good leadership.

  6. Pologrounder

    DAB, love your comments. But I don’t see us building old fashioned highway cruisers anymore. As a kid growing up with Packards, Caddys & Lincolns, the last thing I’d ever want is a cross-over. Hope my 2015 MKS lasts as long as I do. At least it has 4 doors and a TRUNK

  7. Crabbymilton

    GM is gonna roll out that CADILLAC CELESTIQ next year. EV or not, at least GM is showing an interest in sedans. There’s always TOYOTA, NISSAN,MERCEDES BENZ and the HYUNDAI group.

    1. PartickW

      At least Gm knows that Cadillac is king unlike Ford who thinks Mustang is king. Lincoln is being starved of descent product just like Mercury was starved just before the End of the brand came. Who’s writing the obits for Lincoln?


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