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2024 Ford Bronco Ditches Area 51

The 2024 Ford Bronco is subject to quite a few changes and updates over its 2023 model year predecessor, including the deletion of a handful of items and features. In fact, the rugged pony lost the entry-level Base trim along with the handy Keyless Entry keypad. One more option that didn’t make it to the 2024 Bronco is an exterior paint color that has been around since 2021: Area 51.

2021 Ford Bronco in Area 51

For the 2023 model year, Area 51 (paint code KU) can be outfitted on Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak and Everglades trims, while it isn’t part of the limited color lineup offered on the Heritage or Heritage Limited trims. It is available in conjunction with all interior colorways as well. It’s worth noting that Area 51 was also dropped from the Bronco’s crossover counterpart, the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport.

While the 2024 Ford Bronco lost the Area 51 exterior hue, it did gain one new one known as Shelter Green, which is exclusively available on the range-topping Bronco Raptor. Along with the new hue, the 2024 Bronco Raptor also features painted fender flares.

2022 Ford Bronco in Area 51

Meanwhile, the package offerings for the 2024 Bronco range also changed, as customers can opt for the new High/Lux Package. Just like its name implies, this package combines all premium features and elements from the High Package and Lux Package, which were previously offered as separate entities. The larger 12-inch infotainment touchscreen is now standard across all trims as well, nixing the 8-inch screen installed in lower-tiered models, while on the mechanical side of things, some models are being treated to an improved steering gear.

As expected, all these changes come at a price, as the 2024 Ford Bronco is more expensive than the outgoing 2023 model.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bob

    Crap color gone. More to come??

  2. JimL

    Ford p!sees me off. They get rid of this nice color, replace it with something very similar (Azure Grey?) and charge you almost $1,000 for the privilege. They can go pound salt..

  3. masb1955

    These buckets should be “dumped” in Area 51.

  4. Jim Elsasser

    Henry Ford would be proud. Nothing but gray, white, and black exterior offered. With a few colors mixed in..

  5. AladdinSane

    Area 51 eliminated? Another stupid move, Ford! 👎👎👎 ♐

  6. Herm

    I have a Bronco Sport Outer Banks Area 51 color. I get lots of compliments about this color 😍 So my question is why discontinue a color people like? WHY?

    1. JimL

      Because Ford is run by a bunch of jackwagons right now.

  7. Roscoe

    The keyless entry keypad is the ONLY reason I have not looked at any other brand of truck or SUV. If Ford plans to stop its availability, then other brands come in to play.

  8. Dave

    I had ordered my Maverick in Area 51. hands down the best color available. So of course my 2023 did not get built so i had to pick a different color for my 2024 rollover. Thanks a lot Ford. That company is surely run by idiots.

  9. yeet

    Delete features, raise prices. Seems like a winning formula! Ford has been making poor decisions for quite some time now. Really a shame

  10. BroncoEAI1975

    Can we get Signature Led lighting option on the Black Diamond and/or capable bumper on the Big Bend.

  11. BroncoEAI1975

    How about doing away with the mid pkg, and make a cold weather pkg, with remote start, auto temp, heated steering wheel, heated seats and intelligent access. take the rest of the features and put them in the high/lux pkg. Technically the cold weather pkg should be standard options, with high/lux being the only equipment package. Can we get an option for Front and rear locking diffs in 3.73 gear ratio, some of us want the capability, but we are not going to be crawling. How about a true Heritage Bronco with better colors and non sas equipped.


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