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2024 Ford Edge Production Off To Robust Start

Order banks for the 2024 Ford Edge opened up back in May, which is notable because production of the crossover – along with its platform mate, the Lincoln Nautilus – are set to be replaced by all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator at the Oakville Assembly plant in 2025, which are expected to be the only two models produced there moving forward. While the Nautilus will live on as a redesigned crossover built in China, the future of the Ford Edge is a bit murky, with that model reportedly slated to be discontinuedat least in North America – following the 2024 model year. In the meantime, production of the 2024 Ford Edge really ramped up in August, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

Last month, a total of 15,049 2024 Ford Edge crossovers came off the line at the Oakville plant, which is 7,457 or a whopping 98 percent more than July, when FoMoCo built 7,592 units. It’s also the highest production month for the Edge in the 2023 calendar year, bringing its year-to-date totals up to 80,917 units.

It’s unclear why Edge production dipped from 13,537 units in June to 7,592 in July to begin with, but it’s possible that this was caused by a model year changeover at the Oakville plant. As Ford Authority previously reported, 2024 Edge production began back in mid-July.

As one might expect for a vehicle entering what looks to be its final model year of production, the 2024 Ford Edge carries over completely unchanged from 2023, as Ford Authority reported back in May, and hasn’t been treated to new color options, features, or trims. This isn’t much different than what we saw with the 2023 Edge, however, which only received minor updates for that model year, including the addition of the ST Interior Appearance Package for the range-topping ST trim, along with some changes to the availability of several exterior accents.

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  1. Randy

    Oakville Assembly was down for 2 weeks shutdown in July. That would explain your numbers.

  2. ronarb

    Is this type of shutdown considered paid vacation ?

  3. Champ

    We custom ordered the 2024 Edge. The final year of a great crossover, literally one of the best.

  4. Tigger

    Great time to be dropping this vehicle Ford!

  5. Mark

    Soon Ford will no longer sell anything i want to buy… (except Mustang)

  6. Mike medrano

    I would like to know, if I still have a chance to buy, a cub Ford edge, 2021 or 2022, or 2023 in a very reasonable price, or to buy a brand new motor for a Ford edge 2010,,,, please ,,,help me out with this, I would appreciate, your help,,,thank you so, much…. Mike medrano.

  7. Mkamasky

    I think you are shooting yourself in the foot dropping Edge!!!!

  8. Fran Vogt

    Have owned Fords since the 60’s. Have owned two Edges (currently a 2013). Because of Ford’s poor decision to drop the Edge, I will break my tradition with my next purchase. BIG MISTAKE FORD!

  9. Nate

    Honestly I don’t understand this vehicle at all. It’s a bit like the Blazer in that it’s just another crossover in the $40k and up range. I can see why Ford would drop it, but for an Explorer EV? That’s even less likely to sell in any kind of quantity.
    Maybe once the UAW strike is over they’ll only be able to produce expensive vehicles and I’ll just buy a Kia or Nissan.


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