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2024 Ford Escape Drops SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad

Ford’s SecuriCode keyless entry keypad has seemingly been dying a slow death over the past several months, as the automaker has removed this convenient option from a host of models including the 2023 Ford Edge crossover, the 2024 Ford Bronco SUV, and the 2024 Ford Maverick pickup, though those that purchase the latter model can still get the feature installed by a dealer. Now, that list also incudes the 2024 Ford Escape, which has dropped the SecuriCode keyless entry keypad from the lineup, too.

The SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad has been deleted from the 2024 Ford Escape lineup, but it will be replaced by a dealer-installed option for those that still covet this particular feature. This dealer installed option is called the Illuminated Door Entry Keypad and is listed as late availability, however, meaning that it won’t be available when the crossover launches. Regardless, it’s a $350 option and is available on the Active, ST-Line Select, ST-Line Elite, Platinum, and PHEV trims.

Coming off a refresh for the 2023 model year, the 2024 Ford Escape carries over mostly unchanged, save for this deletion. That update included revised front and rear styling, as well as a standard 8-inch infotainment screen or a larger 13.2-inch unit running Sync 4 with standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel cluster is also available.

However, one notable change did occur within the 2024 Escape lineup, as FoMoCo deleted the base trim after just one year. This means that the crossover’s starting price increased – making the Active the new entry-level model – but that also means that buyers will get a better-equipped crossover for that extra outlay of cash, with standard features such as a chrome front grille strip, body-color door handles, chrome upper window molding, black beltline molding, a power liftgate, privacy glass, and 17-inch Shadow Silver-painted aluminum wheels on the outside. Inside the cabin, the crossover is equipped with dual-zone HVAC, a map pocket, two rear smart charging USB outlets, a premium wrapped steering wheel, unique cloth bucket seats with eight-way power adjustability for the driver, a rear center armrest, sliding sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors, intelligent access, push button start, and two passive keys.

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  1. Sad Ford Buyer

    This is sad. It was a really nice feature. I hope this means it won’t be the ugly physical buttons, but rather the nice seamless touch capacitive buttons.

  2. Edsel Ford

    Note: There is no Built-In Navigation Option for 2024. Only Connected Navigation with a subscription. Please stop this trend Ford! AA and CarPlay are both garbage alternatives

    1. MAF

      You’re kidding right? With AA and Carplay you have many choices of nav apps which have live traffic, speed traps, the latest roads etc. Why would you want to pay for built-in nav?

      1. Edsel Ford

        Because you don’t have to fus with your phone to get it to work every time I get in my car. It doesn’t suck data, it doesn’t drain your phone battery, and the UI looks like it was designed by a 2 year old in AA. I don’t care about live traffic most of the time in rural America, I don’t excessively speed so that’s no problem, roads don’t change everyday, so there isn’t much gained there (and you get map updates for 3 years with Connected for 3, only to own the car for another couple years afterwards). You’re already paying for the technology to be in the car, so Ford should just give it to you, even if they bump the option up by 1k, I’d still buy it over having to use crappy AA.

        I know it’s unpopular, but Sync 4 Nav is actually pretty decent, and Sync 3 Nav horrid either.

        1. carplayguy

          guess it’s too bad you don’t have carplay. i have my choice of apps, all which look and function far better than the very basic ford nav. i too live in rural america, but cities aren’t that far away and i do drive more than 10 minutes from my house frequently. most modern phone plans include unlimited data and every car can charge your phone.

  3. Support America

    The keyless Entry Keypad sets Ford apart from all the other manufactures. It allows people to go for a swim and don’t have to carry their keys. Hugh mistake from Ford!

  4. Michael K

    I saw this coming once they dropped it from the 2024 Bronco Sport, Maverick, Ranger, & Bronco. Looks like Securicode isn’t completely going away at Ford, but it’s only staying on certain key models like F-Series. I assume it’s going away on the new Explorer as well. It is staying at Lincoln which has Phone as a Key like the EV Fords, in that application it acts as a backup to the phone so it’s more essential.

  5. Drew Ford Retiree

    Who makes these stupid decisions? They are clueless. Beach goers, runner, golfers, tennis players don’t want keys in their pockets after they reach their active destinations. Fire Farley.

    1. Mike

      Yes. When someone goes to a nudist beach where the hell he can put the car key?

      1. Plains States Patriots

        I could tell you, but it would embarrass everyone.

        Well, almost everyone.

      2. Pooh

        Up the Butt

  6. John M

    Dumb idea. One of the Ford/Lincoln feature advantages. They deleted it from the Lincoln Town Car many years ago and the Vice President to saved the money got fired. The feature was back the next year. Protect your future, keep the feature. Customers were very upset. False thinking that the key fob fills the bill.

  7. Phil Rigg

    What a bonehead decision. Does Mr Farley have a clue what’s going on? He’d rather lose billions of $ on electric vehicles no one can afford. I think I’ve bought my last Ford and I’m a retired Ford salesman.

  8. Tigger

    Less features for more money: The Ford Way.

  9. wjtinfwb

    Longtime Ford owners will really balk at this deletion. The dealer installed alternative is not the same, stuck on and black plastic, not an integrated body color like the factory option. Very glad I got my ‘23 Bronco with keypad, cloth interior and V6 in a Big Bend trim. None of those are available in ‘24. Sad.

  10. Rusty

    It is really sad I have had that option ever since I owned them and since they started it. It sounds like they’re not giving the customers what we need. If I can’t get what I need I may have to seek other options. The way that is integrated into the door invisibly is really the best thing that could have happened. So sad to watch something so good go bad

  11. Champ

    So glad we ordered a 2023. Getting more satisfied by the day.

  12. Bradford

    This feature has kept my a loyal Lincoln owner since 1998.

  13. Jim Finnerty

    What a mistake. This feature is the number one reason I stay with Ford. My peers that drive other OEM vehicles lament the fact that theirs don’t have this feature. When my Escape lease is up in two years, I’ll shop other makes for the first time since 2008. Bummer.

    1. Anonymous

      GM offers a virtually identical keypad entry system for most of their vehicles as a dealer installed accessory ($225 plus installation).

  14. John Sames

    Why would you shop some where else that also does not have the system. Regarding the current use of this feature since the introduction of the key fob would be in the low two to three percent.

  15. Tom Brophy

    Ford not a clue let the European dealers down not enough models I think I’m on my last ford after fifty years

  16. D

    I’m not sure who’s allowed to make these decisions at Ford, but they need to be replaced. Ford is decontenting its iconic vehicle. It’s removed mirror signals, puddle lighting, rear amber signals, buttons and knobs, and now the securi pad. Ford is really crapping the bed with this vehicle.

  17. carplayguy

    i can say i’m very glad i have this convenient feature on my 2023. discretely built into the pillar, only lights up when necessary, doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb or a target for vandals. they want to remove it to ‘save money’ but they charged us for the option anyway! makes no sense. i plan on keeping my escape a while, hopefully they will bring it back when i shop for my next vehicle.

  18. R

    Looking to buy either a Ford Escape again (mine is a 2015 and hubby wants it) and I realized it was the only make with a keypad. It has saved me many times of having to go back inside to find keys to just get something out of my car. Also once the doors locked on on me while I was loading the car (Still have not figured how) and my keys were in the car so used the keypad. Another time my car again locked while I was putting my grandchild in the car seat and I was so glad to have the keypad to ou lock the door (again keys were in the car). If I can’t find a 2023 with this option there are other makes that are very attractive


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