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2024 Ford F-150 Appears To Wear Redesigned Blue Oval Emblem

Back in July, Ford Authority reported on a 2024 Ford F-150 prototype that was spotted out testing – or more specifically, the very interesting looking front oval badge present in the grille. At that time, it seemed feasible that the refreshed pickup may be getting a backlit logo/badge/emblem, but now, that appears unlikely. Instead, it seems as if the 2024 Ford F-150 may be getting a redesigned Blue Oval emblem instead.

The 2024 Ford F-150 Lariat prototype shown here is wearing that updated badge, which features a number of notable differences compared to the current Blue Oval. This particular pickup is equipped with the Black Appearance Package, and as such, wears a black badge rather than a blue one. Additionally, the updated badge is completely flat – rather than slightly rounded, as is the case with the current-gen model – and features a white Ford script and border, compared to the silver color that’s currently used throughout the Ford lineup.

This treatment is quite similar to the badge present on a recently-spotted, refreshed Ford Kuga logo as well, which was completely flat rather than rounded. Regardless, after remaining mostly unchanged for a very long time, Ford has shown an eagerness to reinvent its iconic Blue Oval recently, rolling out black versions for a host of models including Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, and Ford Super Duty pickups equipped with the Black Appearance Package. Additionally, these badges are available to purchase through the Ford Performance catalog, too.

In addition to this updated badge design, the 2024 Ford F-150 will bring forth a number of changes to the popular model, including new headlights and taillights and a revised front grille, while the refreshed pickup will also offer new 22-inch wheels and an available modular front bumper. Inside the cabin, we’ve come across both horizontal and vertical infotainment screens in a revised layout that will somewhat emulate the all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty, too.

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  1. Chris Blanchard

    How long will people keep buying Fords before the cheaped out, de-contenting, Dollar General mentality of the company catches up with them? Out wandering around in the desert, discontinuing hybrids and going all in with BEV, then walking it back, Buying railroad stations and churches, devoting millions of dollars and man hours to the GTD, One year plus wait for a Super Duty, and now a logo that says, “We think less of ourselves, and our new cheaper-looking logo announces to the world that you do too.”

  2. Mackie

    You prefer a gold bow tie?

    1. Blake

      yes, Ford quality stinks

  3. Pablo

    If there is a new logo design coming, let’s hope it is tested more thoroughly than the cheapened ovals of a few years ago that faded badly. That was a rolling advertisement for poor quality, for the sake of a few pennies saved per unit.

    1. Drew Ford Retiree

      Amen. The recent cost-reduced oval has no durability. The prior oval was a clear acrylic that protected the chrome and blue on its backside. The company should be ashamed of crappy one, and if the company had any pride, they’d replace all of them.

    2. Abraham5G

      It’s just a backlit black and white emblem. Blue part is now black and chrome parts are now white.

  4. Shockandawe

    What next form these losers?

    1. Loath Whiners

      Shut up and drive your government motors beater.

      1. masb1955

        No YOU shut up! Must be a Chase Elliott fan. NASCAR’s Most Popular Whiner.

      2. Blake

        Dont worry, VW will purchase Ford, its already in the works.

    2. FordCosworth

      Lick your wounds form being ” also ran “, where the soon to be discontinued Camaro was once again , a loser at Daytona there you paid gm shill?

  5. L Key

    I’m glad that OTHERS are noticing the faded Blue Ovals out there! Ford should be ASHAMED!

  6. Patrick Ford

    That looks very close to the Centennial Blue Oval, where the chrome edges were replaced with white.

  7. Michael J Genzale

    Why do American companies seem to change things for the sake of change. The car companies redesign a vehicle and come up with a name change.
    Has Toyota ever changed the Camrey name. Or Honda the Civic or Accord. These can be complete dovers, the the publics knows the name, that what mater. 55 years ago Ford went to the block letters as opposed to the script logo.
    New Coke. Remember that fiasco?

    1. bobcobbthemaestro

      You just did.

  8. Don A

    Yuck! What a cheap front Front Oval badge. Hopefully this is only Model specific. Got to say though, that so far what I am seeing with the refresh is underwhelming…

  9. Jim

    gm has done the same thing with their logo. Lower case g and m. Stupid too. They are all crazy.

  10. PPK

    i just checked my ’22. it seems pretty cheap front and rear already.

  11. Shockandawe

    They have it spelled wrong……… it’s F U R D!
    Ryhmes with TURD!


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