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2024 Ford F-150 Pro Access Tailgate Explained

The refreshed 2024 Ford F-150 just debuted last week with a host of updates for the perennially best-selling pickup, including revised styling, a heavily revamped front grille logo, a price drop for the PowerBoost hybrid that makes it a no-cost option over is pure ICE counterpart, and – as has become the norm lately – a price increase across the entire lineup compared to the outgoing 2023 model. However, one of the more notable additions to the 2024 Ford F-150 is the new Pro Access Tailgate, which is a multifunction unit of sorts that adds quite a bit of functionality to that part of the pickup.

Ford widened the step cut-out and increased the bumper depth of the refreshed F-150 to create the Pro Access Tailgate, though customers can also choose to stick with the traditional tailgate if they so wish. However, the Pro Access Tailgate can tout that it’s the only one on the market capable of swinging open 100 degrees at full tilt with a specially integrated handle, from the driver’s side, which reduces the distance one has to walk to reach the tailgate handle, giving customers a way to access the bed while towing. The tailgate can also open up 37 degrees or 70 degrees, helping customers avoid hitting the trailer jack and access the bed in tighter corners.

The swinging door present on the Pro Access Tailgate has built-in stops with detents to hold parts in place, which also helps prevent it from hitting the trailer jack. The biggest benefit, of course, is that users can more easily reach items inside the bed thanks to the cutout – a full 19 inches closer compared to a traditional tailgate. This means that owners will also be able to more easily reach bed lighting, storage boxes, cargo, and the Pro Power Onboard generator, too. Customers can also opt for an available rear bumper step – which also adds width and depth to accommodate the Pro Access Tailgate – that is included in certain configurations.

To use the new, more functional tailgate, customers can open the single-door with one hand, or drop the entire tailgate using just the key fob, which is helpful for those carrying items in their other hand. Either way, the Pro Access Tailgate is designed to work with a host of available bed accessories such as tonneau covers and bed dividers, too.

“Pro Access Tailgate is a game changer for our customers that dramatically improves and reinvents the customer experience, meaning less time crawling in and out of the bed, and a much larger cargo area accessible directly from the back of the truck,” said Alana Strager, F-150 program manager.

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  1. A E Kamps

    A good explanation on the Pro Access tailgate. I am amased so much is being raved about because you can not even order it until LATE NEXT SPRING!!

    1. steve

      try ordering a super duty king ranch, now waiting 11 months later

    2. outlook214

      That’s probably about the time all the newly hired replacement workers will be trained to start building vehicles, so it makes sense really.

    3. Dutch

      Boo whoo whoo.. Cry some more. “Try ordering” “my top of line truck that I’ll never use its full potential”

  2. Chuck H.

    In 1965 I was an owner of a 65 Country Sedan Station Wagon and wow what a vehicle. It was built very strong with a boxed frame from front to rear. Then in 1966 Ford came out with the two-way tail gate on the Country Sedan. It was so good that other manufactures tried to copy the concept & quality. None of them came close. The Ford fit and finish was over the top excellent! My dad had a 68 Country Squire with the two-way tailgate that performed excellent. That vehicle was so quiet while driving it was virtually hard to believe.
    Anyway, this tailgate added to the F-150 is a very good idea..

    1. Dutch

      Our 1966 Ford Fairlane had that two way tail gate plus key in back tail gate window lowering or raising. Then in the back area was a HUGE storage area when lifted access panel. Took the station wagon to whole new level.

  3. Gary . Virginia.

    Next time you have a thought, Just let it go!


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