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2024 Ford Ranger Build Dates Keep Getting Pushed Back

The all-new, next-generation 2024 Ford Ranger has been on sale in select global markets for some time now, but is set to make its debut in the U.S. this summer, according to the automaker itself, along with the Ranger Raptor for the very first time. Order banks for the redesigned mid-size pickup opened up back in May, while production of the outgoing 2023 model is quickly winding down at the Michigan Assembly plant. As Ford Authority previously reported, the start of U.S. 2024 Ford Ranger production was recently pushed back a week after it was initially slated to begin on August 21st, but it seems as if many customers continue to face delays as well.

In addition to others with 2024 Ford Ranger orders in the system, Ford Authority reader Charles B. reached out with an update on his own Ranger Raptor order, which has been awaiting a build date for some time now. The Blue Oval informed Charles that it’s still working to confirm a build date for his new pickup, and noted that supply chain issues are hampering its ability to build the mid-size pickups at this time.

As has been the case with several new Ford products recently, FoMoCo informed Charles that it will continue to update him on the status of his Ranger Raptor order at least once every 45 days, or as soon as possible. With the first day of fall set to begin on September 23rd, Ford’s planned summer launch for the redesigned Ranger is still on track, but the automaker is certainly getting close to its deadline in that regard.

In any event, the all-new 2024 Ranger is more expensive than the outgoing model across the board, but it also gains the STX Appearance Package as standard equipment, along with some notable tech upgrades, which somewhat justify that price hike. Those that placed an order for one early on also qualified for a special pre-order discount, to boot.

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  1. Scott

    The question is, will they honor the preorder discount if they get delivered after October. The initial preorder caveat was orders that were purchased before end of October would receive it. Doesn’t seem fair to push back build dates and not honor that discount.

  2. Ben

    It seems remiss not to mention the potential for a strike to further complicate the timeline.

  3. Mrx19

    How long is Ford going to be using the supply chain issue excuse. The pandemic has been over for almost two years. Find some new suppliers.


    If anyone believes the “supply chain” excuses, I have some prime swamp land in Florida to sell them. That lame excuse has been used for too long.

  5. Deadarmadillo

    For some reason Ford is getting themselves F’d up. They better snap out of it or we’re all going to be driving foreign vehicles. This is coming from someone who has mostly bought and driven Ford’s for many years.

  6. Charles P.

    I have a new 2024 Ranger Lariat on order and I keep getting different build dates every few weeks. I’m pretty sure if the strike happens all the dates will be pushed back towards the end of the year. Hopefully they will arrive at a agreement before a strike is called.

  7. jerome

    when can I order a ranger with the 2.7 v6 in it ????

  8. J.D.

    Just got notified that my Rangers build time is now pushed back to October 16th. Ram and Chevy is looking pretty good. If they can’t build it, they never should of opened the order banks.

    1. David

      Same production week as mine. I’ve had three different production weeks: 10/9, 10/23, now 10/16. We shall see. Lariat, Crew, 4×4. ***** I have a 21 Ranger Lariat , crew in cactus grey , with 18k miles for sale. FYI

  9. Buck

    It seems must people are not noticing that Ford doesn’t care about the Ranger. Only one cab available and the promised 2.7l v6 no where to be found along with continual production date push backs. When ever the Ranger finally makes it to production it’ll be lucky if it can stay in front of the GMC Canyon in sales.

  10. TERRY

    I ordered my 2024 Ranger Raptor day 1, May 27th. This is the 3rd Ford I’ve attempted to order in 3 years. If this one is unsuccessful, like the others that got cancelled, I’m done. Instead of pushing EV’s, wasting resources on EV’s, and losing 1 billion so far on EV’s, how bout build some trucks people want.

  11. David

    I have a production date of the week of 10/16/23. Placed my order of day1 of the order bank opening. Lariat , Crew, 4×4, We shall see.


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