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2025 Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid Debuts For Global Markets

Rumors of a hybrid version of the Ford Ranger have spiraled for years, with the most recent coming from the automaker’s program director for Icons and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul himself, who noted that the all-new version of the mid-size pickup was designed from the start with electrification in mind. Just over one year ago, another report suggested that the Ford Ranger hybrid was set to launch in 2025, and this past June, an additional report indicated that a plug-in hybrid version of the mid-size pickup is slated to arrive in 2024 – even though CEO Jim Farley recently suggested that the company isn’t looking to add PHEVs to the lineup. However, last week, FoMoCo teased what appeared to be precisely that, and now, the 2025 Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid has officially been revealed.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 002 - Side

For now, at least, it appears as if the Ford Ranger PHEV will only be sold in Europe and Australia, though it remains possible that the electrified mid-size pickup could be added to some additional markets in the future. Meanwhile, the very first plug-in hybrid Ranger is notable for a number of reasons, particularly since it combines the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost with an electric motor and battery to offer customers 28 miles of electric-only driving range and 7,716 pounds of max towing capacity.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 004 - Charge Port

However, Ford has not yet revealed power figures for the Ranger PHEV, though they figure to be impressive, given the automaker’s track record with the Explorer PHEV and other plug-ins. The Blue Oval did note that the PHEV will generate more torque than any other Ranger in the current lineup, however. Regardless, the electrified pickup will offer the popular Pro Power Onboard feature, as well as EV driving modes and four-wheel drive. Production of the Ford Ranger PHEV is slated to begin in late 2024, with deliveries following in early 2025.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

“The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will help customers step forward into an electrified future, with more confidence and capability than ever before, while keeping Ranger at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the mid-size pickup truck segment,” said Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro, Europe. “Our customers want electrified vehicles that deliver strong performance and affordable cost of ownership without compromising what they love about their truck. The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is a best-of-both-worlds solution for work, play, and family – offering customers zero-tailpipe emission EV driving for short trips, or hybrid performance that delivers incredible off-road, payload and towing capabilities. And, with Pro Power Onboard for the first time, Ranger owners can power their work sites and campsites easily.”

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  1. DAB

    IMO, every vehicle (not a heavy duty truck) should be at minimum a PHEV. We should be working towards a much higher CAFE number through the PHEV and EV use. If so many in America must have their huge SUV’s and light duty trucks just to go shopping or the golf course or taking the two kids to soccer, then making them PHEV is the way to go while transitioning to full EV. Ford needs to get this out in the US now and put it in more vehicles.

    Too bad GM can be so stupid. They had the perfect system in the Volt that they should have kept and put in many more vehicles. But instead, they kill it and give buyers the middle finger.

  2. David Dickinson II

    I suspect Ford is releasing this for the global market because the infrastructure globally for EVs won’t be ready for 100 years. The United States isn’t ready for EVs either. Maybe it will dawn on Ford that these hybrids should be sold in the U.S. also since our infrastructure won’t be ready for EVs for decades?

    1. ronarb

      Totally agree with you re the need for Hybrid vehicles from Ford. I have a Maverick Lariat Hybrid on order for delivery sometime next spring. The Ranger should also have the Hybrid option. We have two Edge owners in the family that would order a Hybrid version should it become available.

  3. Bob

    And studies show people do not plug in PHEV’s. Go EV. Increase your aero, get better batteries.

    1. David

      what studies?

  4. Bbot S

    Precisely why Big Blue is building Blue Oval City and Production facilities. America is not prepared nor can the vast majority afford EV products. Over time the capacity of Batteries as well as weight and cost will be reduced but with a Ten Year lifespan There will still be holdouts. No fear if we were to just have Commercial Duty products including total landscaping equipment the reduced fuel requirements and maintenance will be enough to persuade the majority.

  5. Gary Averett

    Any idea if the 2025 Ranger hybrid or the 2024 PHEV Ranger hybrid will be “recreationally flat towable”?

    The 2024 Ranger 4×4 IS NOT RECREATIONALLY FLAT TOWABLE per Ford’s Resource dealer online source .

  6. philip tilley

    Forgive my ignorance but does it mean you cannot tow if it breaks down.

    1. Neal

      No, it means you can’t tow it behind your RV. The irony of towing a hybrid behind an RV…

      1. dutchballa

        i lol’d at that

  7. shelbykl

    They should sale it as soon as they can with Toyota having a Hybrid Taco for 24. Ford is going to be left behind in the mid-size market. Not everyone wants an overpriced F-150 and they will lose customers to Toyota who want a Hybrid mid-size truck with all the bells in whistles. Toyota’s Taco looks to be a home run want a long bed okay, want a single cab okay, and a Loaded mid-size truck with heated and cooled seats we got that covered too. Come on Ford quit limiting customer choice on features for the Ranger and taking away features like rear vents, auto AWD and pull handles for all the door opens like you do on the overseas version of the Ranger.

    1. Patrick Ford

      Meanwhile, Toyota is sucking dust by ignoring the EV market.

      1. Shelbykl

        Tells us how well Ford and EV sales are, yeah they cannot discount them fast enough. They are losing so much money on the EV’s if that is all they sold they would be out of business. Last time I looked Toyota was bigger than Ford, sold more vehicles and worth more. No I’am not a fan boy of Toyota but all the people who wanted EV’s bought Tesla’s and good look getting them to buy a Ford EV. Love Ford but they are missing a chance to grab market share in the mid size trucks. Its the gas vehicle keeping Ford from closing shop not the EV’s. The hybrids are what most want best of both gas and electric. EV’s are the future but not just yet.

  8. FA

    This PHEV should have been in the current Lincoln Corsair in the US. Toyota is now all over its line up with its 2.4T. Bravo!

  9. Shelbykl

    I just wish Ford would offer the mid size truck they offer the rest of the world. The Ranger in a Platinum Trim and 2.7 would sell like hot cakes and I would be the first in line. Even better a PHEV version Platinum with the 7.5k pro power on board would be my perfect truck. I don’t need a F150 and the problem is Toyota offers most of what I want in a Mid size truck. Ford could do the same but they instead treat their mid size truck customers in the states like step children.

  10. Jeff G

    I can’t express how disappointed I am that the Ranger hybrid is not coming to the U.S. as I have been waiting for it a for a good long while. I am very Ford loyal and it would fit my needs perfectly.
    I really hope Ford reconsiders or I will need to look at the Tacoma or Jeep hybrids.

  11. Dan S.

    I want no part of EVs or even hybrids. I want ICE forever. In particular, I am waiting for the day that they get 2.7 fixed and make it available in the 24 Ranger. I am afraid by the time they get the 2.7L fixed it will be for the 2025. EVs are awful expensive firecrackers.


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