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As Expected, 2024 Ford F-150 Debuts New Emblem

After many, many years of leaving its iconic Blue Oval logo alone, Ford has shown a willingness to tinker with tradition over the past few years. Perhaps the biggest shift has been away from a blue background as the automaker – and its consumers – embrace black trim pieces, while a recently-spotted, refreshed Ford Kuga prototype was wearing a flatter Blue Oval with white used for the Ford script and the borders around it rather than the traditional silver/chrome. Early this month, Ford Authority spotted a 2024 Ford F-150 prototype also wearing a very different sort of emblem, and following the refreshed pickup’s debut, we can confirm that the production version does indeed retain this interesting feature.

In this side-by-side comparison, it’s pretty easy to spot the differences between the Blue Oval emblem present on the front grille of both the outgoing F-150 and the one present on the refreshed, 2024 Ford F-150. The most obvious is just how flat the new emblem is compared to the old one, which curves out quite a bit for a more three-dimensional look. By comparison, the new emblem looks virtually two-dimensional – it’s just that flat.

Additionally, the new emblem is quite a bit simpler and less busy, as the automaker has removed the thin, silver oval outline that previously resided inside the badge itself. To compensate for this extra space, the Ford script has gotten larger, while the formerly chrome border around the outside is now black, with white script and a white circular surround in place of the old, shiny look – giving off some retro vibes.

It’s interesting that FoMoCo made no mention of this vastly updated emblem during the 2024 Ford F-150 reveal, as it’s a pretty big change compared to the outgoing pickup – as well as a major update for something that’s remained largely untouched for decades to this point.

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  1. Robo

    Personally, I have not liked the bulbous chrome emblem for years, but I really like this new one. Hopefully the new emblem will come on the new 2024 Ranger I have on order!

    1. steve

      if your Ranger which is under heavy heavy constraint like the super duty is, you ain’t getting it any time soon. Ford is a mess, and getting worse

  2. Shockandawe

    I’m delighted, hehehe.

  3. Sandy

    I love the new emblem. As a side note: My 2023 Maverick was built on 9/11 and is on the train from Mexico. I can expect a 9/26-10/3/23 delivery to my Ford dealer. It is the 2023 Hybrid XL and was ordered early Sept 2022. I placed my order in June 2022 at my local dealer with the down payment. I am a happy lady and my husband, too, is thrilled.

  4. Al

    The only reason they changed it is because it’s cheaper to make??

  5. StarLord

    They can debut a new emblem but they can’t rollout Blue Cruise 1.3 to the 2023 $80000 F150 I just bought.

  6. Chuck McCormick

    I loved the blue oval that Ford had for many, Mandy years. No need to change. Chuck

  7. Buck

    The change in the emblem is a cost cutting move like the 2024 F150s extensive use of black grills and reduction of paint choices. I guess all these cost cutting measures will help Farley make 25 million this year.


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