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Cars Vandalized At Ford Chicago Assembly Plant: Video

The Ford Chicago Assembly plant has certainly spent its fair share of time in the spotlight recently, particularly after several 2023 Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer crossovers were stolen from that facility just last month, which were valued at around $750,000 in total. However, these problems continued as a number of vehicles were vandalized and/or broken into in two separate incidents that took place over the past weekend, according to ABC News 7.

Ford F-150 Vandilized At Chicago Assembly Plant - Exterior 001 - Rear

These vehicles are all owned by employees at the Ford Chicago Assembly plant, with some being broken into and others merely vandalized. The first incident – which took place at around 11:40pm on Saturday –  occurred after two people in an SUV broke into the employee parking lot and proceeded to damage a total of 13 vehicles before driving away.

On top of that, roughly 30 more vehicles were broken into on Friday alone in a separate incident that happened early in the morning. The perpetrators reportedly broke the side and rear windows of those vehicles, mere days after the same sort of problem occurred at nearby Advocate Trinity Hospital.

“Even though it is fenced in, it’s still almost impossible to secure that many cars in different areas,” said Chris Pena, president of UAW Local 551. “Seems like it’s just happening all of a sudden, like a trend.” The UAW Local 551 confirmed that Ford is working together with Chicago Police to try and locate the perpetrators, as well as secure new vehicle storage lots and employee parking lots where the incidents occurred in an effort to prevent it from happening again.

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  1. Michael J Genzale

    Wow. Chicago getting to be quite the lawless place. Street violence, murders, these acts of random vandalism.

    1. Champ

      This is what happens when elections are not secure and we do not have moral or ethical politicians. Name the last politician that was the nation’s moral compass. We need politicians that answer to the People and not their pocketbooks. The fall of America is directly attributable to us not securing elections. Expect more of these type of stories – until they become worse!


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