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Electrified Ford Ranger Possibly Teased Before Reveal: Video

Rumors of a hybrid version of the Ford Ranger have spiraled for years to this point, with the most recent coming from the automaker’s program director for Icons and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul himself, who noted that the all-new version of the mid-size pickup was designed from the start with electrification in mind. Just over one year ago, another report suggested that the Ford Ranger hybrid was set to launch in 2025, and this past June, an additional report indicated that a plug-in hybrid version of the mid-size pickup is slated to arrive in 2024 – even though CEO Jim Farley recently suggested that the company isn’t looking to add PHEVs to the lineup. Now, it seems as if we may be on the dawn of a debut for the long-rumored electrified Ford Ranger, as we can see from this new teaser.

With the simple caption “the best of both worlds is coming” – accompanied by a “Ranger Evolves” tagline, it seems pretty clear that we are, in fact, potentially looking at an electrified version of the mid-size pickup, which is set to debut next week, on September 19th. This particular teaser video – which clearly shows a glimpse of a Ranger of some sort – was tweeted out by Ford Australia, as well as the automaker’s UK and Ireland divisions, meaning that it will likely head to right-hand drive markets first.

Electrified Ford Ranger Teaser - Interior 001

Of course, there are far more questions than answers stemming from this teaser, including what sort of powertrain this “evolved” Ranger will come equipped with. Aside from the hybrid versus plug-in hybrid debate, it’s unclear what gas engine will be mated to the electric motor and battery as well.

Electrified Ford Ranger Teaser - Exterior 002 - Top Down Side

Most believe that the Ranger hybrid will utilize the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost base engine, paired with one or more electric motors. This would represent a first in terms of that particular combination, however, as FoMoCo doesn’t currently sell any PHEV with the 2.3L EcoBoost.

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  1. Scribe

    If the F-150 or the Ranger is a true hybrid, not just an electric motor to get it off the line before the engine starts, it would be nice, love my Maverick hybrid but it’s a tad small but we are living with it.

    1. Patrick Ford

      I’d like to trade my F-150 in for a Maverick, but I fear that it might be a bit too small. That’s the reason I traded my beloved Escape for the Explorer. The Escape was always just a little too small for what I wanted to carry, when I didn’t have my truck.

  2. Michael K

    This is a PHEV, global Ranger only so it’s not coming to the US.

    1. Ford Owner

      I bet it will. There are more hybrid intetesed buyers than before. And Ford makes the best hybrid vehicles in the world. I can guarantee that as a 10 year owner of a 2014 Fusion Hybrid sefan.

  3. DonB

    Awesome, and I really mean that. Now, just take away all the tax incentives and subsidies, and don’t try to force me to buy one.

    1. Patrick Ford

      Nobody is trying to force you to buy ANYTHING. You must have extremely low self-esteem.

      1. Alfred

        With Braindeads Green New Deal they are slowly but deliberately trying to reduce the number of ICE vehicles to near 0.


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