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F-200 Trademark Filing Suggests New Ford Pickup Incoming

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark F-200 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on August 28th, 2023, this application contains the goods and services description of “Motor vehicles, namely gasoline and electric automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, and their structural parts.”

Ford F-200 Trademark Filing

The Ford Authority Take

Throughout the long and illustrious history of the Ford F-Series line of trucks, The Blue Oval has used a host of model names, including everything from F1 to F-100 and the modern-day Ford F-150 through F-750 line. However, that list is even more expansive when we consider the nameplates that have graced other countries – trucks such as the F-1000 and other variants sold in places like South America and Mexico. Now, this new trademark filing seems to indicate that FoMoCo is considering adding something called the F-200 to its lineup, too.

The Ford F-200 isn’t exactly something new, however, as that particular pickup was once sold in places like South America and Mexico, but not the U.S. As for what Ford might have in mind with this particular trademark filing, well, that much is unclear – but we do know that it pertains to some sort of vehicle, whether it be ICE or all-electric.

If we were to speculate, the most obvious use of F-200 may be on an F-150 pickup with a heavier payload and higher max tow rating, given the history of how these monikers have been used. The F-150 was originally created as a heavier-duty version of the F-100, after all, so the F-200 could follow suit.

On the other hand, F-200 could wind up being used on a chassis cab version of the F-150, much like the F-600 is a chassis cab variant of the Ford Super Duty. For now, this is just pure speculation, but the fact that Ford bothered to trademark F-200 in the U.S. is a pretty good indication that we may see such a model – whatever it may be – in the near future.

Meanwhile, this won’t be the first time that a model name used south of the border makes it way into the U.S., either – The Blue Oval recently filed to trademark Ford Maverick Lobo (which means “wolf”) and F-150 Lobo in America – a nameplate that’s been used in place of F-150 in Mexico for some time now, and is now poised to become a new trim level in the U.S. when the refreshed 2024 model debuts at the upcoming 2023 Detroit Auto Show.

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  1. MJ

    Its very likely going to be their all new Hybrid truck – with lots of cool electrical features like “pro-power on board”

  2. Tigger

    This will probably replace Lightning production at Dearborn Truck once the Lighning moves to Tennessee

  3. CE

    Ranger should have been F-100.
    Maverick should have been Ranger.
    F-200 is probably a specialist variant for Emergency Services.

    1. masb1955

      Heard you the first time.

  4. Cigna

    So, Recall Motors, which has recalled over 14 million vehicles since the beginning of 2022 is working on adding another product to their lineup instead of working on reducing the number of vehicles being recalled by at least, 80%.

  5. CE

    Maverick should have been called Ranger
    Ranger should have been called F-100
    The F-200 will most likely be some kind of emergency services vehicle.

    1. masb1955

      Yeah, a Hearse.

  6. DFR

    Having to resort to ordering an F150 with the Heavyduty payload package, as dealers do not keep them in stock. Hopefully Ford is addressing this lack of availability of trucks with available payload in the 2300 to 3000 lb range without resorting to a F250, which generally is designed for heavier payloads.

  7. Martin Scott

    Gone will be the lighting in the very near future. Replaced by the F200 lighting then finally just F200.

  8. John

    I’d love the heavy duty if an F250 in aF150 form making it easier to tow larger loads without having to maneuver a larger truck if it’s your daily driver.

    1. James

      Lol, you’re arguing with physics.

  9. Randy

    Ford, if you are listening put the 3.5L EcoBoost in the F-200 and give us some PAYLOAD capacity. I have a 2018 F150 Max Tow package and the thing has excellent towing capacity EXCEPT you didn’t match the payload capacity to the towing capacity!!!!!! The Heavy Duty Payload option and 20″ wheels had to be added to the Max Tow Package do actually get the Max Tow Rating, talk about misleading advertising. Oh, and don’t ask for any options, like a power driver and passenger seat as that will kick the Heavy Duty Payload option off the truck.

  10. James

    Yay, I thought Ford needed to build more trucks that nobody actually needs.


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