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Ford Chicago Assembly Plant Discrimination Lawsuit Tossed

Like any large company, Ford has faced its fair share of illicit behavior accusations from certain employees over the years, but the Ford Chicago Assembly plant, in particular, has been plagued by allegations of sexual harassment dating back to 2017, which then-CEO Jim Hackett apologized for, though later led to a class action lawsuit against the automaker that was ultimately struck down by a federal judge. Back in June, that trend continued after a supervisor at the Ford Chicago Assembly plant was accused of committing heinous acts against another employee there. However, a sex discrimination suit filed against the automaker stemming from this same plant has now been closed, according to Bloomberg.

The case centered around a former temporary employee at the Ford Chicago Assembly plant, who accused The Blue Oval of fostering a sexist workplace culture at that particular facility. However, Judge Lindsay C. Jenkins granted Ford summary judgement in the case, noting that the employee was fired for just cause under its anti-racial harassment policy, and noted that “she wasn’t comparable to the full-time employee that allegedly harassed her.”

Additionally, the judge ruled that prior discrimination lawsuits filed in reference to alleged incidents at the Chicago plant aren’t sufficiently connected to this case, which would have established the plaintiffs claim. However, the automaker has certainly faced its fair share of allegations stemming from that same facility in recent years, with a handful of employees claiming that they were sexually harassed and even fired for complaining about the way they were treated at the workplace.

“Ford is fully committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity and diversity in all of its facilities nationwide,” the automaker said in a statement. “Ford adheres to a comprehensive and zero-tolerance anti-harassment policy: harassment and discrimination are completely against our culture and cannot be tolerated. When complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct are raised, our policy is to promptly investigate and address those complaints as warranted. Ford cannot comment on specific litigation or personnel matters at this time.”

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    It’s in Chicago. ‘Nuf said.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    The US graduates more lawyers than engineers. So. What do you expect. The bigger the company, the more insurance carried.
    Insurance companies settle nuisance lawsuits because it cost more to go to court even if the big company winner.
    So sue away America!


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