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Ford Dealer Fires Employee Over Anti-UAW Comments

Following the onset of a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis earlier this month – which a recent poll found that more than half of Americans support – progress toward a new deal has remained a bit elusive. However, late last week, Ford made what the union called a “significant” offer, which helped it avoid additional walkouts at more of the automaker’s production plants. Regardless, the UAW strike remains a hot topic and divisive subject for many, including an employee at a Ford dealership that was recently fired for making disparaging comments about the union, according to Automotive News.

The employee – who worked in the parts department at Suburban Ford in Ferndale, Michigan – was reportedly fired for posting “an inflammatory comment” about the UAW on Facebook page that was serves as a place for union members to discuss the ongoing contract negotiations. Suburban Ford later posted an apology for the comments on the dealership’s own Facebook page, noting that the employee had been “let go,” but that post was later deleted.

“Umm how about they want to work 32 hours but get paid for 40 hours…..?” the employee reportedly wrote in a post that has also been deleted, but was shared via screenshots over the weekend. “I work for a Ford dealership so depending on how bad this gets it could affect me.” In another post, the employee wrote “F— the UAW.”

“We understand there was a comment from one of our employees on social media recently that hurt many people,” the dealership’s Facebook post said. “Although we cannot control a individual from voicing their opinion on social media, Suburban Ford of Ferndale doesn’t support the same message and supports all UAW workers, and we support their right to strike.”

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  1. Paul Lammas

    Cowardly action from dealer, so much for free speech. Maybe a bit of cancel culture should come their way?

    1. Wright

      Well said

  2. Wright

    Notice Mr Foote didn’t mention the dealership name. Scared or just embarrassed ?

    1. Brett Foote

      The dealer name is mentioned several times in the article

    2. Wright

      Indeed. I owe an apology to all

  3. Jerry

    The employee needs to file a lawsuit against the Dealer if I understand the employee posted from his personal FB account on to a public page for UAW and did not mention the name of the dealership. That s a violation of the employees First Amendment right. In no way did this harm the dealership until they mentioned their name.

  4. Jim Bob

    This guy shouldn’t have been fired. He should be able to voice his opinion off the clock. I’m assuming most or all employees at dealerships are no longer in a union. They should form a union and do this to this dealership and see how this dealership feels then. I’m sure the dealership would say no to the 32 hr. work week also. I support unions. Like everything else they have good and bad points. I think the UAW is asking for too much but that might be just for bargaining. I hope it ends soon.

    1. Al Faro

      I am a Ford/UAW retiree and I agree with you in regards to the employee should not have been fired. Much of our founding documents were argued over vehemently without people being silenced. Each side needs to be able to defend their position honestly whether the other side agrees or not. The moon is always asked for first, not much is counter offered and then the real bargaining begins, in good faith. Anyone not interested in good faith bargaining should not be on the bargaining team. I remember when the 32 hour week was first talked about and it somehow included the current days off factored into the mix and just never got off the ground. Probably won’t this time either. Ford and the UAW has always seemed to have had a better relationship together than the other two and been more successful at hammering out an agreement that is fair and sustainable.

  5. Mike C.

    Most people do not understand what the first amendment is about. First amendment refers to government control of opinions and speech. The Ford dealership is not the government and the First amendment does not apply here.

  6. Gary

    Sounds like a First Ammendment rights lawsuit…… Are we heading back to 1939? The parts dept employee wages and benefits no doubt are much less than those of the UAW workers.

    1. ArtG

      Read the post immediately above yours. Then read the first amendment to the Constitution.


    Sue that dealer to death!!!
    The UAW Union is out of their minds. I would love to work 42 hours and get paid for 40. Oh and I forgot a 40% raise too ! Absolutely crazy demands.

  8. Edward

    The dealership isn’t owned or run by the government, so “1st Amendment” doesn’t apply. Regardless, the employee is still free to write or say whatever he chooses. Speech, even that protected by the first amendment, isn’t granted freedom from consequences, however. If he’s identifiable as an employee of the dealership on his social media, whatever he posts DOES reflect on the employer, and thus he’d have to answer to their rules about posting.

  9. K mcmah

    Cs on dealers part. Would never buy a car from there

  10. James M Stone

    The employee has the right to say what he wants! There must have been some truth in whatever he said to get you so upset. Frankly, with your business tactics of late you don’t have much right to say anything. You have hardly any new vehicles on the dealer lots, you never get anything if you order anything, your prices are way too high, your have a lot of half has employees at a lot of your dealerships; I could go on and on but I don’t have to time or space. The whole business needs a complete shake-up. In addition, this push for electrical vehicles is a bunch of crap and should be stopped by all manufacturers!

  11. Bob

    I smell a LAWSUIT coming to the dealer!
    If the employee is smart, he will seek legal counsel & go after the HR director-owner of said dealer!

  12. Tigger

    Sorry, a lot of you need to know the law. At a private employer, your first amendment rights are greatly curtailed.

    Also, you need to know the facts. The employee posted on Facebook, k “F*&^$ the UAW”. Like it or not, the UAW is a great portion of this dealer’s customer base. I am sure none of us would put up with a customer service rep telling us to F-off, and if you owned the business, you would not tolerate someone sending customers away by telling them that.

    This person got what they deserved and I am sure they are going to have a bear of a time finding suitable employment.

  13. Thomas

    That comment was not inflammatory at all. Gosh, we all know this and I might have said it myself – because it’s the TRUTH.


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