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Ford EV Plant Site Gets More Funding Despite Building Pause

Since it was announced back in February, the BlueOval Battery Park Michigan project has faced plenty of scrutiny, both from local residents who want approval for the plant to be brought to a public vote, as well as politicians who are concerned with the fact that Ford is planning to license lithium-iron phosphate battery technology from from China-based Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.(CATL) to build batteries there. Regardless, FoMoCo has secured multiple rounds of funding for the future EV battery plant in recent months, and in spite of announcing that it is pausing production there amid financial concerns – much to the chagrin of the on-strike United Auto Workers (UAW) union – that project is set to receive even more funds from the state of Michigan, according to The Detroit News.

Ford BlueOval Battery Park Michigan Annoucement

Today, the Michigan Strategic Fund approved an additional $65 million in incentives for the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA), which is a group that plans to purchase more property next to the site of the proposed BlueOval Battery Park Michigan site. Thus far, MAEDA has secured $480 million in funds from the state for land preparation and property acquisition, and when combined with incentives received by Ford, totals $1.8 billion.

This latest rounds of funds is slated to purchase around 800 acres of land that are located directly across the street from the site of the proposed Ford EV battery plant, which is reportedly destined “for potential use as a supplier park and infrastructure improvements,” as well as to “support business expansion or development opportunities for future, not identified projects.”

Ford BlueOval Battery Park Michigan Annoucement

While some members raised concerns over the future development of the site following Ford’s decision to pause construction amid economic concerns, Michigan Economic Development Corporation CEO Quentin Messer stated that the state is confident the automaker will eventually follow through with its plans to build BlueOval Battery Park Michigan, and noted that the area remains attractive to other businesses as well.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    The entire EV push has been a series of legalized bribes that the government has sent to manufacturers to coerce them into following a path the market does not want. As always, the little guy gets stuck with the bill.

  2. DJ

    Quit using our money for something that is failing! Most automotive news articles already state Americans simply aren’t interested in EVs, manufactures stated the same during earnings calls. Like people are saying… #BudLightEVs

    1. Richard Rassh

      Why does big oil still get our money for something killing us?

  3. Ford Owner

    Americas are interested in electrics. You are the exceptoon. By 2035 you will be left out.

  4. Chris

    LOL @ all the EV initiatives being cancelled. This is what happens when Americans refuse to buy EVs. The hashtag above is brilliant #BudLightEVs


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