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Ford Everest Plug-In Hybrid Not Being Developed

While the two models share quite a bit in common – including a platform, powerplants, and styling – the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest have long diverged when it comes to other factors. In fact, The Blue Oval previously said that it isn’t planning on developing a Ford Everest Raptor – despite the popularity of the Ranger Raptor – claiming that its SUV customers simply aren’t interested in such a variant. However, it was reasonable to wonder, after yesterday’s debut of the new Ranger PHEV, if the automaker might consider also developing a plug-in hybrid Everest, though that apparently isn’t in the cards either, according to Drive.

When asked if a Ford Everest PHEV was in the works, Ford Australia head Andrew Birkic told reporters “we have nothing to share today about any change to (Everest) powertrain.” However, that doesn’t mean that such a vehicle has been ruled out completely, as Drive notes that amid ever-changing emissions regulations, Ford could reverse course and add an Everest PHEV to its lineup, particularly if consumers show more interest in it. To this point, such an idea has apparently received a “lukewarm reception” from customers.

However, it’s also worth noting that the Ford Everest isn’t sold in Europe, which is a market hungry for plug-in hybrids. That simply isn’t the case in Australia – where the Everest is sold – as those type of vehicles accounted for just 0.7 percent of the market through August 2023 with just 5,500 units sold versus 57,000 EVs and 60,000 hybrids.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 004 - Charge Port

Regardless, it certainly seems like building a Ford Everest PHEV would be relatively easy for FoMoCo to do, given the many shared components between those vehicles. The Ranger PHEV utilizes the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost with an electric motor and battery to offer customers 28 miles of electric-only driving range, though the automaker hasn’t released any power figures to the new combination yet.

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  1. Al

    Who does Ford ask about what customers want? I’ve been looking for a PHEV, any brand and they are impossible to find, long wait to order and dealer markups. But keep building $80K+ trucks no one wants.

    1. Ford Owner

      Buy a used hybrid F-150 for less than $50,000.

      1. Patrick Ford

        I actually looked at a used F-150 hybrid. I was disappointed that it didn’t get enough better mileage over my 2010 Platinum to make it worth the investment, at least not today. I really wanted one though. I may just keep the Platinum and look for a used Lightning in a couple years.

    2. Patrick Ford

      Ford is making record profits. Somebody is buying their products.

  2. BlueFlame

    Please bring the Everest to the United States. It is the size and shape of a vehicle I am looking for, from Ford.


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