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Ford F-150 FP700 Makes One Fun, Speedy Daily Driver

While the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is long gone – replaced, at least in name, by an all-electric pickup – that model’s true spiritual successor – the Ford F-150 FP700 – was revealed back in early June. However, the Ford F-150 FP700 isn’t something one will stroll down to a dealer lot and purchase as-is, but rather, a pair of packages – the Bronze Edition and Black Edition – that are sold in the Ford Performance catalog. Regardless, we doubt that street-focused performance pickup fans will care much about those little details, and as Ford North America Product Communications director Mike Levine recently revealed, the Ford F-150 FP700 is one heck of a fun daily driver, regardless.

It seems as if Levine has been able to spend some time behind the wheel of an F-150 FP700 recently, and it’s based on a regular cab pickup for minimum weight and maximum performance. He’s apparently been taking the supercharged pickup around town to do things like get coffee, and it’s perfectly suited for tame duties such as this – or more sinister activities, such as taking down sports cars in a straight line.


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The FP700 packages are essentially the same in terms of their go-fast goodies, consisting of a 3.0L Whipple supercharger kit, which is all it takes to lift the output of the 5.0L V8 Coyote engine to 700 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, which is mated to the standard 10-speed automatic transmission. From there, it’s all about cosmetics.


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The Bronze Edition also includes a gloss black grille, Ford Performance fender vents, a set of 22×9.5-inch Sinister Bronze machined wheels with black lug nuts, unique beside graphics, bronze tailgate lettering, a rear lowering kit, and Ford Performance floor mats. The Black Edition is mostly identical, save for the fact that the wheels and tailgate lettering are finished in black, while this package also includes a rocker panel aero delete kit. In both cases, tires are sold separately, however, though that enables customers to choose their preferred set of rubber. Both kits retail for $12,350, and either would make one heck of a fine – and more importantly, fun – daily driver.

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  1. rapturd

    5.0L should be standard in raptor. 3.5L optional but i doubt there would be many takers

  2. Shelbykl

    Ford really needs to offer more trims on the single cab pickups most do not want a bare bones truck. A upper trim single cab would be nice with all the features. The market is ready for a deluxe model single cab. Everyone is restoring old single cab trucks we want a sport truck again. I think Ford is missing a good chance to corner the market and come out with a high end single cab sport truck.

  3. wayne guess

    awesome , wish i could afford one

  4. Tom Lanemann

    i agree with Shelbykl. Ford needs to offer more for the single cab. the STX package (minus the sticker on the side) would be a good start. More colors, and drop would be nice, 2/4 or 3/5(preferred). I had been reading possible updates to the 2024, so was waiting to do a build and order when possible. But, with what I see on the website, it looks like I may have to go elsewhere. XL, chrome bumper, 17 in chrome wheels, just isn’t going to cut it. If I am spending that much, I expect more than that. i was really disappointed the STX is only for extra cab. Maybe I should thank Ford for possibly saving me from making that new purchase.

  5. Tom Lanemann

    I forgot to ask, here, with that reply – what happened to the Lobo model I was reading about, with that possibly being available with single & lowered


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