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Ford F-150 Parody Commercial Throws Serious Shade At Owners

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of commercials and other types of advertisements over the years, many of them automotive related. In the old days, these ads used to be pretty funny, in fact, often poking fun at rival brands and their owners, or just showing off trucks hauling competitor models in their beds. However, when it comes to dealer ads, well, those are usually a bit more over-the-top, which makes them prime for parody – and that’s precisely what this faux Ford F-150 commercial cartoon from Brian Frange does in a pretty hilarious manner.

Ford F-150 Owner Parody Commercial - Exterior 002 - Side

It’s worth noting, right off the bat, that this video is far from rated G, and in fact, contains some pretty offensive language. But for those that don’t mind such things, it’s also pure comedy gold, even though it throws serious shade – as the kids say these days – at Ford F-150 owners. “Hey it’s Big Al for Ford,” our fake truck-selling host says. “Are you a big man but no one knows it? Buy an F-150 and cosplay as a licensed contractor! The only thing you’re hauling is tons of repressed emotion.”

“Got reprimanded at work today? Take up two parking spots at Applebees,” Al continues. “Found a gray hair in your beard this morning? Ride someone’s a** on the highway and blind them with your brights. Did you always want to be a singer, but  instead worked at the cable company for 25 years and you just don’t know how your life turned out this way?”

The video goes on to take some pretty serious digs at the stereotypical truck owner in general, albeit aimed at Ford F-150 owners, specifically, largely in a, well, not-safe-for-work manner. Overall, it’s pretty humorous stuff, but the real question is – are these allegations fair or even real, or just an overblown stereotype? Let us know what you think in the poll below!

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  1. Kevin

    Some people have too much spare time. Wasted 20seconds watching that.

  2. steve

    I wish ford would just build the super duty trucks they confirmed in there orders. been waiting 11 months for my 23 , and I have two 24’s ordered, and emails every 45 days stating we have problems, no parts, bla bla, blah.

    1. Jake

      Your fault

  3. Lurch

    I especially like Big Al’s northeast/Great Lakes accent paired with a Stetson. Not a real Texan? Head for Boot Barn and show ’em!

  4. Micahel K

    That was lame tbh.

  5. Jay

    As a Ford engineer, I found it comical. People will always take digs at the F-150 because it has been the top selling vehicle in its class for decades. Most years it takes first place for towing capacity for its class as well. When you’re number one, you become a target for everyone.

    1. Glenu


  6. PJ Blake

    Screw this clown !! I’ve had my 2017 F150 Supercrew since new just finished paying it off, and aside from oil changes and new tires, have had ZERO, none, not ONE problem with it.

    Ford quality and customer satisfaction are the bedrock of our nations auto industry. Let’s not forget that.

  7. Rande Payne

    Pretty funny up to the vulgar comment at the end about populating the whole world. Kinda turned my chuckle into a “why did you have to ruin it?”

  8. Tom in VA

    Sorry ad. Ford stood completely behind me , even when 2015 F150 XL Super Cab 2.7 engine crankshaft went out & 2 weeks later, the 6 speed automatic tranny went out.
    Ford replaced both, no hassles, over 5 yrs after I bought it new.I also stated to FM Customer Service have purchased new Ford products, mostly trucks since 1970s. I will stay with them despite their recent poor record in handling many other customers.

  9. Jake

    As someone who works at Ford 85% accurate.

    Get a Raptor R, so you can off-road in your bother in law’s front lawn, or roll onto the curb in front of the liquor store, so you can show off that articulation!!

  10. John

    They only thing lamer than this is telling Blue Cruise owners there is an update coming a year plus later than you announced.

    Hey Ford, don’t announce unless it ready to release.

  11. Simply Logic

    Did it ever occur to anyone that that the automobiles sold in the US have and continue to get smaller and smaller? Trucks and truck like vehicles are the only vehicles that have any room, especially if you over six feet tall!

  12. Shockandawe

    This commercial is so true, that’s why the Furd boys are so upset.

  13. Dan

    Seems like most of y’all in the comments section completely missed the point of the joke. Too many people in the U.S. buy big trucks that don’t actually need. It’s a huge determent to the environment and public safety. If you felt offended by the add or that it was stupid, chances are you’re part of the problem.


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