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Ford Hybrid Truck Sales Currently Dominate U.S. Market

While it continues to invest billions in developing all-electric vehicles and batteries, Ford isn’t exactly giving up on hybrids, either. In fact, CEO Jim Farley recently said that the automaker plans to continue building and selling hybrids for the foreseeable future, and that he also expects sales from those models to continue to grow by a significant margin as well – even into the next decade. However, looking at some recent sales data released by Ford, it’s easy to see why the automaker is focusing on this particular segment – at least in terms of hybrid trucks, it holds a dominant share of the market.

Ford U.S. Hybrid Truck Share Chart

Through the month of August, Ford hybrid trucks accounted for 77 percent of the overall market in 2023, compared to just 23 percent for second-place Toyota. Currently, The Blue Oval sells two hybrid pickup – the Ford F-150 PowerBoost and Ford Maverick Hybrid, though it’s also worth pointing out that it somewhat lacks in terms of competition at the moment. Toyota has just one hybrid pickup in its lineup at the moment – the Tundra – though it will soon be joined by the 2024 Tacoma and its new i-Force powerplants, while Ram offers only a mild hybrid powertrain in its full-size pickup.

Regardless, Ford previously admitted was a bit taken aback by the success both the F-150 PowerBoost and Maverick Hybrid have enjoyed thus far. That interest also prompted it to make a couple of strategic decisions – making the Maverick’s electrified powertrain an option rather than the standard choice for the 2024 model year, while also making the PowerBoost a no-cost option over the standard 3.5L EcoBoost in the refreshed 2024 F-150 as it works to expand sales further.

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  1. William Donnelly

    If the Maverick is such a big success than why won’t they make more of them I hade to wait almost 2 years for my hybrid truck and my friend has been waiting 2 years cuz the dealer said that Ford did not pick him up the frist year so its been two for him and they just picked up one of his orders not the other one and two other friends just stopped waiting or just won’t wait that long seem they should open more lines or factory they would have even more of the hybrids markets

    1. Bob

      I know its the only truck in town that checks all the boxes but, if you had a choice would you get someone else’s truck? Will Ford pay a heavy price when say, Toyota makes a small hybrid or maybe Hyundai? I could not wait years to get a small truck. It makes no sense. Plus dealers try to add things to it and charge you for them. Its insane.

    2. Joe

      Got mine in 8 months. 2023 XLT. I go 500 miles before I need gas.

  2. Robert Carsley

    William, that’s because Ford doesn’t really want to sell a $25,000 truck.
    “Can we interest you in a $75,000 F150?”.
    (I’ve “only” been waiting a SOLID YEAR now).

  3. Ford Owner

    The Ranger was announced as a hybrid in a previous Ford Authority article, so Ford will gain more than 77% of the market soon. Let us expect Ford to add hybrid models in the Super Duty series.

    1. Patrick Ford

      I don’t really see that happening anytime soon, if at all.

  4. John

    I’ll take a hybrid vehicle with any V8 over an EV. At this point with all the POS EVs being forced down our throats, a V8 hybrid Raptor and Mustang sound great to me.


    Why does this site( answer the simple question for the thousands of Maverick hybred customer orders that will be pushed back to 2024 models. Will Ford price protect these customers or hang them out to dry?

    1. Patrick Ford

      There’s nothing to figure out. The production year changed before they filled all the orders. Its happened with other makes and models over many years.

    2. Rick

      Check out Ford Video Guy at Long McArthur Ford. Also Maverick Truck Club website. All kinds of info from both on all things Maverick.

  6. Iarry

    You knew ford that the maverick was a winner after the first year. You close-down the orders for this truck and you did it again the following year.So for2024 orders you came up with the idea we could make more money charging for the hybrid engine as an option instead of it being standard.Good call ford you just let in your competition to grow.If they come out with a hybrid for2024 customers aren’t going to wait for you to lead them on Good luck!!

    1. Patrick Ford

      Apparently the competition isn’t in the position to exploit Ford’s shortcomings.

  7. Tommy cool

    Got my 2023
    XLT in 7 months. Best vehicle I’ve ever had. Gets the 33/40 mileage and so much utility. The designers nailed it. Only felt ripped on the 1400 shipping and 600 admin fee.

    1. Joe

      8 months on mine. No admin fee that was a rip off. Shipping everyone pays just like sales tax. Gas mileage is phenomenal always above 40mpg.

  8. Duane

    Found a Maverick Tremor on the lot with 0$ markup, this is an amazing vehicle I’m getting 25 mpg with AT tires. I would recommend to anyone looking for a affordable, comfortable, and practical vehicle.


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