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Ford Is Talking To UAW Amid Ongoing Strike

Since the United Auto Workers (UAW) union began its targeted strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis late last week, talks seemingly haven’t progressed much, save for the very public back-and-forth that’s taking place, with the union and automakers clashing over what the former refers to as “corporate greed.” Regardless, the UAW and Ford resumed discussions earlier this week – even though the union shunned any assistance from the White House – and it seems as if the two sides are still talking amid some pretty heated rhetoric, according to Reuters.

Though the sides reportedly remain far apart in terms of these ongoing negotiations less than 48 hours before UAW President Shawn Fain said the union would target a second Ford plant in its next strike action if the two sides don’t make “significant progress,” talks between union representatives and company management continue, regardless. Ford noted that it continues to try and hammer out a deal that will both reward its employees while also enabling the company to continue to invest in the future and grow.

At the moment, UAW workers have only walked out of the Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger and employs around 3,300 people. The Blue Oval has since laid off 600 workers at that plant as a result of that action, noting that its operations are intricately interconnected, with the stoppage affecting multiple other areas.

While all three automakers are now offering the UAW a 20 percent pay increase, the union is reportedly seeking a recently-lowered ask of around 36 percent. Otherwise, FoMoCo is seemingly willing to meet most of the union’s demands, including the return of cost of living increases, the end of tiered pay systems, pensions for new hires, and increased pensions for retirees – but not its request for a four-day, 32-hour full time work week.

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  1. Mr. RightToWork

    The highest wages in the industry are not enough for these people!! They get paid the most and have some of the worst build quality in the entire world!!

    1. RightToWorkForLess

      Farley doesnt get paid enough

  2. G O Pee

    Remember that more than half of the comments on internet are FAKE trolls

    1. 2002 Mustang GT Owner

      The worse of all is this Mr. UAW troll. He insults others and uses Ad Hominem to make his points and yet accuses others of doing the same.

      1. Leon

        The unions have long since realized they have no future, so they employed one of those basement dwellers to spam comment sections in the hope of some short term financial boost. Hence we have Mr UAW….

  3. Alfred

    Thanks UAW for causing other workers to be laid off because of your in bed with politics greed.
    You’re doing a swell job for the country. Not.

  4. Alfred

    The union members are currently offered more than $17 plus benefits and still turned it down because of the UAWs all or nothing greedy attitude.

  5. Tom Hahn

    2024 F-150. There are two interior colors available, medium dark slate and black. Can you determine if a third color may become available such as tan? I would like an alternative to the above colors to go with the exterior darken bronze metallic paint. Thanks.
    Tom Hahn


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