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Ford Maverick Convertible Renderings Imagine Sporty Variant

As part of this year’s April Fool’s Day fun, Ford Authority conjured up a Ford Maverick convertible via a series of renderings, which understandably garnered quite the reaction around the web – after all, it’s an idea that’s so absurd, it stands essentially zero chance of ever happening. Regardless, that’s precisely what dreams are for, and we’ve also used that format to come up with an idea of what a sporty Ford Maverick ST might look like, too – a machine that might just come to fruition, unlike the drop top pickup. Now, automotive artist Oscar Vargas has created his own sporty Ford Maverick convertible in virtual form, one that actually looks pretty good as it sits.

Ford Maverick Convertible Widebody Renderings - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

There isn’t much here that hasn’t been altered from a stock Maverick pickup, as one can quickly tell, including the truck’s rather bright paint job that covers every surface, save for a few trim pieces. That includes a set of ultra-wide fender flares and bed sides, which help make the affordable, economical pickup look more like something we’d see carving up the track than hauling mulch – and they also cover up a super-wide set of wheels and sporty, low-profile tires to boot.

Ford Maverick Convertible Widebody Renderings - Exterior 003 - Rear

Along with reworked front and rear fascias, this Maverick concept sits super low to the ground, and touts a rear spoiler over its bed, which is somewhat surprisingly lacking a tonneau cover in this case. Regardless, there is still room for five inside the cabin as the rear seat remains intact, and all of those occupants can enjoy the open-air experience thanks to the lack of a roof – though there is a roll bar in the event that carving up canyon roads goes south.


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Overall, this sporty Ford Maverick convertible is yet another interesting idea that stands essentially zero chance of ever coming to fruition – but that doesn’t take away from the fact that some folks probably wish it would. It may not be for everyone, but we imagine that there are at least a few people out there that would love a sporty, stylish drop top with a bed out back suitable for hauling smaller, lighter things.

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  1. Mike TowpathTraveler

    The wide body flares would be a nice option, but the reality is, Ford needs to get on the ball and build every Maverick placed on order; as well as extending the open order time. Maybe even consider opening up a closed US factory to build the truck here. How many sales have they lost due to not fullfilling long awaited orders???

  2. Marco G

    They can’t build what they have now. My order was made in 9/22 and I am finally in production this week, a full year and I am a lucky one. Other’s waiting longer. Silly.

    1. someguy

      i don’t get this.. i ordered one in july when the 2023 order banks opened. got an email last week production is starting next week and expected delivery is october.

  3. Daniel

    April’s fool in September?

  4. John

    I suppose it isn’t any more improbable than a 2 door version (with roof) with a longer bed. 🙁

  5. Rob A

    I bet if they ever got caught up that convertible would sell.

  6. JimL

    No, Ford needs all hands on deck to fix the sh!t they’re turning out now, and meeting the backed-up orders they already have. And I say this as a lifetime Ford loyalist.

    1. Bill Byrne

      Agree, its a shame ,me too have had fords since 1974, after the maverick, 19 month wait and ford or dealer seem to be clueless, we are done with ford, and they dont even seem to care.

  7. zippy

    Good luck opening one of the rear doors with the rollover bar attached to the top sill!

  8. ScottyR

    Somewhat interesting idea. Could something like this be applied to the Aviator or Navigator with coach doors? Would spice up the Lincoln brand which it badly needs. You could get away with calling the convertible Navigator a “Continental” because of the large size. Don’t forget the spare tire on the tailgate please.


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