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Ford Maverick Dealer Inventory Nonexistent In September

While new vehicle inventory has improved across the board over the past few months following years of shortages, this phenomenon doesn’t apply to every model. In fact, vehicles like the Ford Maverick continue to face tremendous demand, which – combined with production constraints – has led to precious few pickups on dealer lots. This much is obvious to anyone that’s been paying attention, but it’s also reflected in new data from S&P Global Mobility as well.

According to that organization’s latest new vehicle inventory trends report, the Ford Maverick remains an elusive find for customers, as there were just 3,386 units of that particular model on dealer lots as of a couple of weeks ago, which is a very small number, indeed. Making matters worse, sales far exceed that figure, as FoMoCo moved 21,021 Mavericks in the second quarter of the year.

Of course, this problem is nothing new, as many Ford Maverick customers have waited long periods of time to take delivery of their vehicles, or even had to watch as their order was pushed back to the next model year. The popularity of the Maverick Hybrid also prompted Ford to make that powerplant an option versus standard equipment for the 2024 model year, and is also why the compact pickup isn’t being sold with any sort of factory incentives.

In terms of the overall automotive new vehicle market, inventory continued to drop at the end of the month before surging in the first two weeks of the following month. Overall, total advertised dealer inventory declined slightly to 1.966 million units, but remains far higher than the first quarter of the year. In fact, new vehicle inventory has increased by roughly 50,000 units each month since the end of December 2022, when it stood at 1.6 million units.

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  1. Betty Emma Stefani-Jones

    We finally got a vin and a build date for our hybrid Maverick, does anyone know ho long from build date to getting our vehicle? We ordered in Sept 2022

    1. John

      I ordered my 2023 hybrid maverick lariat in September of 22 also. Maybe I’ll see an order date soon..

    2. jim

      The build date was very accurate for my Maverick. The problem was shipping. After it was built it was shipped to Memphis and it took 3 weeks for the last 80 trip to my dealership. Depending on where your dealership is this seemed to be the biggest problem.


      It took about a month from build to delivered for ours in S/E michigan

    4. Den P.

      We ordered our Maverick hybrid in August of 2022, took possession of it in June of this year.

    5. Wayne

      I ordered 4 hybrid XLs in Sept 0f 22. I haven’t gotten build dates for any of them yet! In southern cal. How far out is your build date?

  2. D.M.

    It took mine 8 weeks from build date to delivery, after waiting 9 months for the build date and dropping a couple of options to speed delivery. But,love the truck, except for all the recalls and no parts available. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Mike Byers

    Just watched mine being unloaded today,378 days since ordered.

    1. CJ

      I called the dealer and they said I have to place a new order for the 2024, and they will process it with the same price as the 2023 I placed the order as you 378 days ago.
      Good Luck!! I hope next year for me

  4. Scott

    I was informed my maverick hybrid was shipped this morning, I’ll be happy if it arrives in 2 – 3 weeks, anyone know how long dealer prep takes

  5. Cordo

    For info on times go to or join the

  6. HM

    Has anyone heard when the 2022 hybrid Maverick recall for engine possibly catching fire will be resolved?

    1. rapturd

      Park outside…fixed

  7. Gary Miller

    I believe capistrano ford in socal sales manager may be planning to inflate the 23 maverick I ordered on sept 22 and sell it for $40,000. He voided my order when I called to tell him the VIN # I received was not what I ordered. Never picked up the phone or answered my emails. Very dissapointed in the dealer and Mr Steve Smith the sales manager.

    1. Chad Taylor

      I know exactly the dealer, Tuttle Click. The Irvine location also try’s to screw you and the sales people are very pushy. The best dealer I found was villa ford in Orange as they usually offer better rebates and A/X plan

  8. The Retired Viking

    I must be the luckiest man in the world. I ordered a Ram 1500, built to my option list. From day of order to my driving it off the dealer lot was 4 weeks 5 days. I loved my Ram but for reasons beyond the scope of this comment, I sold it, and ordered a Subaru Ascent Touring, again, to my specs and options. From date of order to driving off the lot was just under six weeks.

    If Stellantis (Michigan truck plant) or Subaru (Indiana) can do it, what is Ford’s problem?

    1. Barry

      Wow. Did you even read the first paragraph?


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