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Ford Ranger Inventory Practically Nonexistent In September

This year, the Ford Ranger has experienced its fair share of setbacks, which are happening as a redesigned version of the mid-size pickup prepares to launch in the U.S. following its global debut. Production of the Ford Ranger was heavily constrained at the Michigan Assembly plant even before the UAW strike shut it down completely, and customer build dates continue to get pushed back as a result, all while the Ranger’s rival – the Jeep Gladiator – is experiencing a bit of an inventory glut. Thus, it’s no surprise to learn that Ford Ranger inventory across the U.S. was practically non-existent in September, according to new data from S&P Global Mobility.

As of just a couple of weeks ago, Ford Ranger inventory in the U.S. stood at a mere 1,358 units, which pales in comparison to its competition. In that regard, the Toyota Tacoma led the way with 31,000 units sitting on dealer lots, followed by the Gladiator at 24,249 units, the Chevrolet Colorado (7,835), and GMC Canyon (2,407).

However, what’s particularly notable about these figures is that they don’t necessarily paint the whole picture in terms of days’ supply. For example, Tacoma sales totaled 63,262 units in Q2, followed by the Gladiator at 13,751 units, the Ranger at 12,618 units, the Colorado with 7,835 sales, and the Canyon at 6,708 units.

In terms of the overall automotive new vehicle market, inventory continued to drop at the end of the month before surging in the first two weeks of the following month. Overall, total advertised dealer inventory declined slightly to 1.966 million units, but remains far higher than the first quarter of the year. In fact, new vehicle inventory has increased by roughly 50,000 units each month since the end of December 2022, when it stood at 1.6 million units.

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  1. Al

    The Ranger is an excellent truck. I have a 2022 XLT and really don’t see anything I’d replace it with currently. Fit and finish is less than perfect though which I wish Ford and the UAW would be more accountable to.

  2. Dale Dantoni

    Remember when they brought this truck back to North America and the journalists cried, howled, whined, screamed, and threw a tantrum that it wasn’t an ALL NEW design? Now I see these same journalists bashing the new vehicles they screamed for because they aren’t reliable…

    I literally will never understand the auto market. What is the problem with building something for a long time… like the Original Ranger. Parts supplies are easier to maintain because the truck hasn’t changed in a decade, repair costs stay down… but no. No, we must have NEW. New engines, new tech, new new new.

    I long for the days when ford put a 5.0 in everything from a Mustang to an a Explorer. If you could fix one you could fix them all. Why is that so despised by journalist? Why does every vehicle need a unique engine with a separate parts supply chain. It’s absolutely insane.


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