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Ford Ranger Raptor Borrows Performance Shift Indicator From Mustang

Already on sale in a number of global markets, the all-new, next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor is on the cusp of launching in the U.S. as well, though customer deliveries have recently been pushed back due to supply constraints. Regardless, when it does make its debut there, it will be the very first time American customers will be able to purchase the Ford Ranger Raptor, which was previously only sold in other markets. The latest version of the high-performance off-roader has quite a few tricks up its sleeve as well – including aerodynamic tweaks borrowed from the Ford Mustang – but as it turns out, that isn’t the only thing the pony car and the new Ford Ranger Raptor share in common.

Ford Ranger Raptor Performance Shift Indicator Australia Digital Instrument Cluster 001

Ford’s Australian arm has revealed that the new Ranger Raptor comes equipped with the same customizable Performance Shift Light Indicator that’s present in the Mustang, and a feature that actually debuted in the 2015 Shelby GT350. It can be configured to give both an audible and visual warning when it’s time to shift gears, which owners can change from between 4,000-6,000 rpm via the main menu in the digital instrument cluster by selecting “settings,” “Performance Shift Indicator,” “enabled,” then “shift point” to select the desired rpm.

When activated, the Performance Shift Light Indicator causes the tachometer to light up as the revs increase, changing colors as it reaches the desired shift point. This is useful for owners that want to select their own gears manually by using the Ranger Raptor’s Magnesium-alloy paddle shifters, which can be done by moving the truck’s e-shifter from drive to manual mode.

Ford Ranger Raptor Performance Shift Indicator Australia Digital Instrument Cluster 002

“The audible warning is particularly useful because it means you don’t have to take your eyes off the road,” said Dave Burn, chief platform engineer, Ranger Raptor.. “It’s not just for performance, you can also use the Performance Shift Indicator can also be used when driving for fuel economy, encouraging you to change gear sooner.”

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