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Ford Says It Will Take $270 Million To Fix Camera Issues

It’s no secret that Ford has been plagued by quality issues over the past few years, a problem that CEO Jim Farley says will take years to fix – though a handful of models are expected to show vast improvement by 2025. In the meantime, rearview cameras – in particular – have represented a proverbial thorn in the side of the automaker and many owners, including those that purchased a 2020-2023 Ford Explorer that was recently recalled over that very same problem. Earlier today, The Blue Oval recalled nearly 170k 2020-2023 Lincoln Aviator, 2018-2021 Lincoln Navigator, 2022-2023 Ford Transit, and 2021 Ford Bronco models over an issue with the rearview camera or 360-degree view camera, too – and as it turns out, this is expected to be a pretty pricey problem to rectify, according to Reuters.

2023 Ford Bronco Badlands Europe - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

Ford expects to dole out a whopping $270 million to fix these vehicles experiencing rearview camera issues, a cost that stems from the fact that it must replace the entire rearview camera assembly. The solution for the previously-issued Explorer recall was an update for the image-processing module software, which ultimately didn’t solve the problem, it seems.

In May, Ford noted that a remedy for the Explorer rearview camera problem was in development, but also admitted that it had not yet determined the root cause at that time. Earlier this month, as many 2023 Ford Explorer models await that development amid a stop-sale issued by the automaker, a FoMoCo spokesperson confirmed that the automaker discovered the root cause of the issue, however.

In the meantime, this enduring issue has led to a significant drop in sales for the 2023 Ford Explorer, as the crossover dipped 23 percent in Q2, ceding first place in the mainstream large three-row crossover segment to the Toyota Highlander, which enjoyed a 12.74 percent increase in the second quarter.

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    Farley and FOMOCO could screw up a wet dream now 270 million to fix a problem they already fixed how many times?

    1. Thomas gieseler

      I think. It’s time to recall Farley’s pay check that’s about 3 million waste of money. Use that to pay for the recall!!!!

  2. Dave

    SO NOW, “WHAT’S JOB #1 ?”..


    1. Rick Mac

      Copy a system from a manufacturer whose system works. Must have purchased low bid again

  3. chip66

    Keep it up, Farley, and you’ll be livin’ in a van down by the river.

    1. Tigger

      At least his carbon footprint will be small LOL

  4. Frank Ponte

    Are these cameras an in-house item or provided by a supplier? If they’re supplied by a vendor don’t they have any responsibility to step up? That being said all of the Big Three are guilty of squeezing suppliers. They chisel them down on cost. The suppliers remove substance to the point that it affects quality.

    1. Tigger

      Aside from powetrains and stampings, the rest of the components are all outsourced. At one time Ford made a lot of their electronics.

      1. Jimbo

        Yes and once upon a time they didn’t have all these recalls. Huh, wait a minute thats Ironic

    2. CC

      Sounds the like the Government. It costs too much money and time to sue them for not providing what they promised so they just pass it along to the consumer (or taxpayer). Ever wonder why it costs $125 for a single bolt on a military vehicle? Just sayin’

  5. Dave

    Has anyone heard about progress on the single bolt differential frame issue for Explorers? The brake software issue does not leave me feeling good going down the road.

  6. Dave

    Has anyone heard about progress on the single bolt differential frame issue for 2020-2023 Ford Explorers? The ebrake software issue does not leave me feeling good going down the road.

  7. Shockandawe

    Hehehe, another Furd gaff!

  8. Shockandawe

    Don’t blame the suppliers for Furd’s stupidity.

  9. Bob Dobson

    It just never ends with Ford ….SYNC3 is the worst system ever made for multimedia. Disaster update after disaster update. Then the disaster camera system. Magna makes their cameras, no other OEM has this many issues. There is no QC left at Ford.

  10. Shockandawe

    Furd can’t figure out how to integrate the camera into their system……….. so simple a caveman could do it!

  11. Cigna

    There is no stopping the Failure Farley Express, the question is, why are customers still buying products from Recall Motors?

  12. Cigna

    It’s becoming obvious that this excessive number of recalls is due to Recall Motors lowering their standards. They thought they could save money that way, however, the opposite happened.

  13. Robert fitzgerald

    Same problems with 2020 Ford Edge. Not according to Ford. Been a Ford owner since 1960.

  14. fjdietz

    Doesn’t the rear camera recall also involve the Lincoln Corsair??

    1. JP433

      There are no “stop-sale” tags on the Corsair or Nautilus. Yet…

  15. Anon

    I thought the issue with the rear camera only affected models that ALSO had the 360-degree view camera. Models without the 360 camera were supposedly fine. Is that not the case now, and the problem affects all models regardless of whether or not they have the 360 camera?

  16. Randy

    This is pretty normal for anything involving computers, always getting updates and then the updates cause a new problem that requires another update, etc, etc.
    Remember, we did drive cars without needing review cameras or 360 cameras.

    1. Bruce

      until the government mandated them.


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