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Ford Will Be First Automaker To Offer Digital License Plates

For years now, a number of states have attempted to make digital license plates legal, but thus far, only a handful – including California, Arizona, and Michigan – have done so. Many others are attempting to legalize these new devices, with a company called Reviver pushing legislation that would make that happen since it originally began operating back in 2009. Now, that same company has announced that Ford will be the very first automaker to offer digital license plates from the factory, which is something else that it’s been pushing for a number of years.

Ford and Reviver have reached an agreement that will add the company’s RPlate to the aftermarket offerings from more than 300 Ford dealerships in the states of Arizona, California, and Michigan as an Official Ford Accessory Partner. The RPlate will be issued an official Ford part number and is set to be sold both in-store and via the company’s catalog, and sales of the digital license plate will accrue to a dealer’s account with Ford to generate credits based on volume, too.

The RPlate is, as one might imagine, more than just a license plate, as it utilizes connected vehicle technology for a number of reasons, including the ability to show off personalized displays with custom messaging, location tracking, registration renewal through a mobile app, real-time alerts when the vehicle is moved, tamper-proof mounting, and anti-theft measures. Reviver offers both a battery-powered, user-installable model with a replaceable five-year battery and a hard-wired, professionally installed unit as well.

“To be associated with a landmark brand in the automotive industry such as Ford is truly gratifying,” said Reviver Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Neville Boston. “We are very proud to have met the rigorous requirements for the company’s evaluation of potential suppliers and look forward to adding the innovations of digital license plate technology to their offerings.”

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  1. Dave


    1. Automotive

      Paying a subscription of $10 a month

  2. Ryan

    I have yet to understand the value in this. The renewing registration digitally is about the only feature, and it’s really not much of a feature. By the time you remember how to log into the app and reset your password it’s more of a headache than a sticker. All of the telematics are completely worthless because Ford’s have that built in already. You can buy a $10 license plate frame if you want a custom message. It just makes no sense to me what justifies a $600 price tag

    Also, I wonder if you have one in one of the states they are legal are you going to get pulled over if you drive out of state?

  3. StarLord

    Talk about the best James Bond accessory.

  4. TomD

    Does Ford realize that when one of the vehicles breaks down due the computer problems it will cost the owner thousands of dollars to repair?
    There are a lot of people that will lose their vehicles due the costs.
    It’s bad enough to be charging $75000 for a truck and then build problems into the vehicle especially with Fords track record of less than high quality vehicles.

    1. MargieG

      Take a picture of the plate then paste it on when the screen doesn’t work. LOL Who thought of this digi plate?

  5. Gary

    We are a digitally obsessed generation! This is a worthless feature.

  6. Dave Mathers

    What could possibly go wrong with this? Wow.

  7. paul powell

    So what happens when the vehicle is shut off and you are parked in a handicap spot and the handicap marker on the plate is not visible? What a useless option this is!!

    1. Dan Berend

      It has its own battery. It doesn’t shut off when the vehicle does. Also there is still a vin on the dash that could be used to issue a ticket.

      1. paul powell

        Something new to go bad. another battery to replace and or another item to get stolen! is it really that hard to put a sticker on a plate.

      2. paul powell

        so every time an officer see’s a blank plate they are going to take the time to chek the vin! They don’t have the time to check thousands of infractions as it is! BAD IDEA AND WORTHLESS TO BOOT!

  8. Alex Lambein

    Would look good on a girls cars car.

  9. Thomas

    what an idiotic idea.
    They suggest that Ford first take care of the leaky license plate lamps and the discoloration of the Ford logo because it’s already a shame

  10. Armando salazar

    Not interested just waste of money.


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