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Future Ford Pickups Could Get 6X6 Bolt On Suspension Kit

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a 6×6 bolt-on suspension kit that could be used in future Ford pickups, Ford Authority¬†has learned.

The patent was filed on April 25th, 2022, published on September 12th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11752822.

The Ford Authority Take

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of 6×6 pickup truck conversions emerge from companies ranging from Hennessey Performance to Apocalypse, albeit typically the kinds of vehicles that appeal to only folks with deep pockets and a desire to own something, well, more than a bit audacious. In the meantime, Ford has filed patents for everything ranging from interchangeable performance packages to configurable frames, hinting that it’s exploring ways to make vehicles more modular. Now, this newly filed patent keeps that trend going by introducing an idea for something totally different and perhaps unexpected – a 6×6 bolt-on suspension kit that could be used in future Ford pickups.

In today’s world, companies that build 6×6 pickups and other types of vehicles are left to do quite a bit of fabrication work in order to fit an extra axle, set of wheels and tires, and related drivetrain components underneath – not to mention stretching the bed to accommodate that additional equipment. However, this patent aims to make that process far easier, though Ford points out that its intentions here are to find ways to increase payload capacity – not necessarily just look cool.

As the automaker points out, adding a third axle and an extra set of wheels and tires is one effective way to increase payload capacity, though such a conversion is quite pricey and difficult to pull off in today’s world. That’s precisely where this patent would come into play, making it easy to convert future Ford pickups into 6x6s thanks to a ready-to-install kit that – notably – isn’t designed to be a permanent modification.

Thus, those that need the extra payload capacity – or simply want to convert their truck to a 6×6 – could do so and then return the truck to stock, if so desired. It’s an interesting concept for certain, and one that may very well have some merit as an aftermarket offering via Ford’s official catalog, if not a feature one could opt for when they purchase a vehicle.

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  1. Shane

    This is fantastic! So glad EVs are failing and Americans aren’t buying EVs….but these will sell!

    1. John Tedrow

      EV’s are here to stay my friend…… Where you got the notion that they are not selling is beyond me and many others.
      Still like my 6.7 HO and will never give that up but, I do value where EV’s are going and even have one in the garage for the wife. She loves it and with fuel at $5.00 a gallon, I love it too.
      As it stands, we spend around $ 30.00 a month to charge this, better than $ 200.00 + a month for fuel.

      1. Vance

        All of the automotive news articles are stating how sales numbers AND demand is far short of what they expected and that they aren’t profitable. It’s literally everywhere.

  2. Dave

    Perhaps the stupidest thing I have heard of in a long time. Where would a guy store this monstrosity? If you need to add an axle to a 1/2 ton, buy a 3/4 ton. If you need more payload in a 3/4 ton buy a 1 ton. Call me the problem solver

  3. EB1959

    Makes no sense seeing how Ford and the rest are pushing electric toys, which this concept won’t be viable. Hell, the liberals want to see ALL GAS/DIESEL gone, and the sooner the better for them because after all they are “saving the planet” from fake climate change.

  4. Darnell Williams

    People who buy trucks, buy trucks. This option would sell more F-series trucks than Subaru sells cars.

  5. not dead ed

    Okay, Nice I think to myself, but will they also be selling easy to remove and swap rear panels?
    Will the trucks be made with snap on / snap off truck bed panels to facilitate the extra axle?

  6. John D

    If all three axles have power, this would greatly increase traction. Awesome for ice-driving! But your mpg would be very low. Otherwise this only makes sense if you need more payload than one axle can handle. In Indiana the gross limit per rear axle is 20,000 lbs. It would be very difficult to put more than three tons in a pickup bed.

  7. Dudebro

    If they aren’t driven wheels, it isn’t really a 6×6, is it? I guess calling it a 4×6 wouldn’t bait as many clicks.


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