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Future Ford Vehicles Could Become Photography Assistants

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a photography assistant that could be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on February 24th, 2022, published on August 24th, 2023, and assigned serial number 0269463.

Ford Patent Photography Assistant System

The Ford Authority Take

A little over a year ago, Ford filed a patent for a selfie button for vehicle cameras with a flash, which would give users the ability to activate an in-cabin camera using something like a key fob or a dedicated button, while the vehicle’s lighting could double as a flash in low-light conditions to boot, at which time the resulting images or video could be stored by the system or transmitted to a mobile device. Now, the automaker has followed up that patent with this new filing for a photography assistant, which could also find its way into future Ford vehicles as well.

Ford Patent Photography Assistant System

This time around, however, the focus is on taking pictures of things that are located outside of a vehicle, which can be challenging when the vehicle is in motion – particularly if the person taking the photo isn’t aware that the object is there at first. Thus, this patent is designed to help with that precise issue by providing a bit of assistance to the budding photographer.

This system would presumably do that by assisting the person inside the vehicle in several different ways. This includes slowing the vehicle down when it approaches an object or location that a user may want to capture on film, or by directing them to a location where they can get out of the vehicle and take a good picture of those same items or places.

Ford Patent Photography Assistant System

This is certainly an interesting idea, and one that may serve a useful purpose for those that are traveling on a road trip or just taking in some sight seeing while driving down a scenic road. Of course, it isn’t something that one may want to use on a daily basis, but the system could also be turned on or off as desired, too.

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  1. DanS

    Not sure I’d want my vehicle to unexpectedly slow down for a photo op. An audible message first would allow me to make that decision to stop or keep driving along. I am an avid photographer so the idea of specific photo op prompts based on SatNav data points is an interesting idea.

  2. 1970Mav

    Cut the SH*T Ford. Focus on making vehicles that will provide reliable transportation at a reasonable price. Henry Ford is turning in his grave so fast you could connect him to a generator and charge your EVs.

    1. Michelle

      Agreed 💯

  3. Fran Avery

    They have gotten rid of the good compact cars. I have 2015 Focus that I love. Have not had any problems and they discontinued it except in Europe. This really sucks

  4. Dennis Thompson

    You don’t have a small, affordable vehicle now. Chevy has the new Trax- looks great, Subaru/Seltos size, starts at $21,495. Can you make a competitor to that? I had a Focus wagon to carry my bike and stuff, I liked it. Don’t lose sales to Chevrolet!

  5. Brad Munn

    I am really getting worn out by the number of annoying pop-up ads in your articles. I am a subscriber and should not have to put up with that. I can’t even get through an article fast enough when I am deleting them before more ads immediately cover up the content I am reading. If this keeps up I will go elsewhere for my news.


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