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Lincoln Navigator Driver Flees From Police, Soon Regrets It: Video

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of wild police chases over the years, most of which involve a sporty vehicle like the Ford Mustang for obvious reasons – those types of vehicles at least give folks a chance at escaping, though it’s typically difficult to outrun not only a police cruiser, but also the radio and helicopters. Regardless, plenty of folks still try and get away from the law on a regular basis, and that includes this Lincoln Navigator driver that was pulled over in Arkansas recently.

Lincoln Navigator Police Chase - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

This footage kicks off when an Arkansas State Trooper is going after the Lincoln Navigator driver and proceeds to pull him over, at which point he’s immediately met with confrontation. The driver of the big SUV is only willing to roll the window down partially, even after the officer informs him that he can’t see inside the vehicle. After refusing to comply, the driver asks to see the officer’s supervisor – a request he declines – along with a command to step out of the vehicle.

At this point, the person behind the wheel of the Lincoln Navigator simply drives away, leading the state trooper on a short, slow pursuit at speeds under the limit that ends quickly when the officer performs a P.I.T. maneuver and sends the luxurious utility vehicle spinning off the road.  A tree quickly brings the Navigator to a stop, after which the officer commands the driver to get out of the vehicle with their hands up, for the second time.

This time, the drier wisely complies, and later admits the he was “scared” of the trooper, and didn’t think that he was actually a legitimate police officer to begin with – a pretty big mistake in this case, as it wound up resulting in a trip to jail and a damaged vehicle, which all could have been avoided rather easily.

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  1. Emanon

    If you find yourself doubting the legitimacy of an LEO attempting to pull you over, turn on your emergency flashers and simply call 911 and ask them to confirm an LEO is attempting to pull you over. You cannot get in trouble if you do that and 911 will let the LEO you are speaking to them.

  2. Bosko

    This guy is what LEO calls, “Job security”. 😜

  3. MM

    First of all, I don’t trust cops either..their too trigger happy to kill people especially at a traffic stop! (I would fear my life and my passengers life as well). Now the flat foot actually trashed a nice looking Lincoln, I hope the town, the PD, and the driver (cop) have good insurance to fix it, as I would certainly be bringing up charges and he also caused injury to the driver and passenger!

    1. Alfred

      obviously the police officer is real and did not shoot the family, so in this case your paranoid delusions of being shot up by a fake cop are just that.
      Look dude, when you flee the police, a paranoid delusion is not a good excuse for that, and wont get you off the hook.

    2. ViperACR


    3. Braski

      🤦🏽. Just 🤦🏽

  4. DonB

    Covid caused me to lose all trust in cops, and doctors.

  5. H Stewart

    O bay the law and you don’t have any problems. The driver was a idiot.


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