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New Ford Hybrid Engine Could Work On Maverick, Bronco Sport

Earlier this year, the all-new Ford Edge L debuted for the Chinese market, and just a few months later, it was joined by the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, which will be built in China but also sold in the U.S. Both reveals are notable for the fact that production of the current-gen Edge and Nautilus is set to end at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada in early 2024 to make room for all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. However, it’s also worth noting that each of those new crossovers is equipped with a new Ford hybrid engine that could potentially work in both the Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco Sport, too.

Ford Edge L

The next-generation Nautilus and all-new Edge L are both available with an electrified version of the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engine that pairs the gas powerplant with a 100 kW electric motor to generate a combined output of 271 horsepower in the Edge L and 310 horsepower in the Nautilus. Needless to say, either option would be a rather compelling in both the Maverick and Bronco Sport, as well as the Ford Escape and/or Lincoln Corsair.

We know that the new 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost hybrid utilizes the same sort of technology as the 2.5L Atkinson cycle hybrid that’s offered in both the Maverick and Escape, and that it’s mated to an eCVT gearbox. However, the newer powerplant also has a mechanical all-wheel drive system, which could make it the perfect fit for both the Maverick and Bronco Sport, which offer off-road-focused variants, while the latter is marketed as a rugged model in general.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the reason the Maverick isn’t offered with a hybrid engine and all-wheel drive currently boils down to the fact that it utilizes a brand new electric motor – the first developed and built by Ford in-house – that is similar but different from the one used in the Escape Hybrid. That means that it won’t work, off-the-shelf, with the Escape Hybrid AWD model’s e-CVT transmission without some modifications. Meanwhile, while the Bronco Sport isn’t currently offered with a hybrid powerplant, a previous report suggested that one is indeed in the works.

A rear three quarter view of the Ford Edge L

Finally, it’s worth noting that Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that the automaker plans to continue to not only offer, but also expand its hybrid lineup in the coming years amid strong sales. Coupled with its desire to simplify its lineup, this makes a particularly strong case for using the same new Ford hybrid powerplant across multiple models, too.

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  1. Bill

    2.0L engine was found in the USA CMax Energi and Hybrid vehicles. It was very reliable with owners reporting over 250,000 problem free miles on various forums. The 2013 and 14 electronic transmissions had an issue with ball bearing hardness.

  2. Bill

    Note, the USA CMax never had an EcoBoost engine version.

  3. Andrew

    A hybrid AWD Maverick would be a big seller, I think. If it had a decent tow rating (3500#), I think it would fill the needs of a lot of people. I would consider one to downsize from my F150.

    1. Mike g

      I think the penalty to MPGs would deter people from the Hybrid AWD. But, maybe people are just too clueless to realize that the right tires on a FWD setup is just as good as any AWD setup (excluding actual 4WD)

      1. Rj

        Toyota sienna vs sienna awd? Almost the same gas mileage. Like 1mpg differences

    2. Matthew

      That’s exactly what Ford wouldn’t want. Ford wants people who buy F150s to continue to buy them and they don’t want to take away from that because it’s their bread and butter. However the world is changing.

      1. Champ

        I would say that the world is not changing. I would instead say the world is being forced to change. If you think good ideas for vehicles is a new concept, there have been wonderful ideas over the past 50-years – like the 88 MPG, flex-fuel Hybrid that Ford built in 2008 and loaned to the U.S. Gov’t. Yet it was not built. Now why would that be? The forces of evil are behind everything. I resist the forced change by bureaucrats, none of whom have the brain capacity I have. I see through all their lies. I just need more people to open their eyes to the lies and fight this blatant tyranny.

        1. Mdc


          Market forces and reality should dictate future not an oppressive evil and ignorant government.

          1. Davidm0604

            Wow. You mean the same oppressive evil government that lead the Allies to victory in WWII, landed humans on the moon in less than 10 years and also built the Eisenhower Interstate Highway system?

      2. Shelbykl

        Ford needs to change their thinking on that with the cost of everything going up those overpriced F150 will start seating on the lot. People will downsize to save money so Ford needs to give us the Ranger with the same features as the F150 like Toyota is doing with the Taco.

  4. Mick1

    China and hybrids are this decade’s winners. People who are original owners of the Ford C-Max and still own one are the luckiest car people.

  5. TomD

    The posted mpg of the Toyota hybrids is very impressive. If a maverick awd was available I might be all over it if happens before I am too old to drive. I don’t mean battery hybrid either. I want nothing to do with a vehicle that requires a plug.
    Also I thought the company was weening itself off of China.
    There will always be potential pandemics coming out of China due to the rural population and culture. Don’t dig a hole you can’t dig out of.

  6. J

    Yep, still have my 2013 Cmax PHEV. Best car Ford ever bothered to make. Only paid 15k for it too.

  7. cj

    How about making a 2.0 non trubo simple more reliable engine….i pay extra…dont need the extra power..or complexity ..need the relialbity….espcially after recalls…Ford wants to simplify there options….how about simplify there engines…The F 250 non turbo non direct injection..pushrod V8 .7.3 is a step in right direction

  8. Nexus7

    Look at the SUV in the third photo, dark grey one. Look at the D-pillar, the rear edge of the last window. What a muddle-headed set of intersecting profiles. This sums up Ford’s (lack of) design prowess.

  9. Shelbykl

    Ford needs to offer that Blue Green color here in the states it looks really good.

    1. Anonymous

      They offered a very similar color a few years ago on some models in the US…Persian Green


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