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Some 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrids Need A Software Update

A check engine light is always cause for concern, and some owners of the 2023 Ford Maverick may have noticed the dreaded indicator light illuminated on their instrument cluster in conjunction with a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) thrown for a supposed air leak between the throttle body and intake valves. Thankfully, The Blue Oval has issued a Customer Satisfaction Program to address this issue, as it’s likely related to a software problem rather than a mechanical one.

If a particular Maverick is found to be displaying a check engine light due to DTC P2282, which refers to Air Leak Between Throttle Body and Intake Valves, the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) will need to be reprogrammed. The check engine light associated with this DTC can illuminate during normal driving conditions while the vehicle is in motion. Thankfully, the fix is relatively simple, and will be performed at no cost to vehicle owners.

This program applies to certain units of the 2023 Ford Maverick that feature the 2.5L I4 Duratec hybrid engine that were built at the Hermosillo Assembly plant between April 11th, 2023 and August 23rd, 2023. FoMoCo indicated that 18,063 units of the 2023 Maverick are affected by this issue, many of which could still be in dealer stock. As such, dealers will reprogram affected units of the Maverick before demonstrating or delivering any that are currently in stock.

The program will remain active through September 28th, 2031, for vehicles that are currently within the bounds of the new vehicle emissions warranty coverage period, which expires at eight years or 80,000 miles, depending on which milestone is hit first.

As a reminder, the 2.5L hybrid setup is standard on the 2023 Ford Maverick. However, looking ahead, the 2024 Maverick dropped this engine standard issue. The 2.0L EcoBoost I4 engine has taken its place as standard, while the hybrid powertrain remains available as an option.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Rob Mcginley

    This has all the pointers to an early pre programmed Che k engine light. A pre programmed timed to get some wofor the service department
    It just came on too early. As in while under warranty oooops.
    Better make a recall on this one……
    Why would there be a sensor to detect an air leak between the throttle body and the valves? Pre programmed bad intake gaskets maybe?


    It would be nice to have my 2023 Maverick Hybred to take in to a dealership. A one year anniversary waiting is just 17 days away. I wonder when Ford is going to notify me that the 2023 order will be changed to a 2024–and the wait begins again.


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