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Toyota Dealers Want A Proper Ford Maverick Rival

The Ford Maverick debuted for the 2022 model year and immediately became a massive smash hit, with buyers lining up to purchase the thrifty, inexpensive compact pickup after such a thing didn’t exist for some time. Turns out, there was a pent-up market just waiting for an affordable pickup to return, and the Maverick’s tremendous success and significant sales lead on the Hyundai Santa Cruz understandably has some rivals considering a rival – including General Motors (albeit possibly only in EV form) and Stellantis, which just revealed the long-anticipated Ram Rampage, a compact pickup that will reportedly be sold in the U.S. Toyota was also previously rumored to be considering a Maverick rival, which is apparently something that the automaker’s dealers are clamoring for, according to Automotive News.

“We’ve obviously watched Maverick closely,” said Toyota brand head Dave Christ. “If you think about our pickup trucks, they’ve gotten bigger over the years. You know, when you see in our lobby we had a display of old and new – we had the original T100 next to the new Tundra – and it pretty much underscored how much bigger that product is today. And you can say the same for Tacoma, comparing it to the original Toyota pickup.”

However, though a group of Toyota dealers formally requested that the automaker make another compact pickup, it doesn’t appear likely to happen, at least not now. “If you can find a way to build a higher fuel efficiency pickup truck, that’s certainly something that helps with the regulatory need,” Christ said. “Could there be an opportunity there? I’m sure the market exists because Maverick’s done reasonably well. We don’t have anything planned. We’re not announcing anything to the dealers. I won’t even say ‘yet’ because that would suggest it’s coming. But certainly, it’s something we’ve looked at.”

In the meantime, the Maverick has proven to be a compelling option for Toyota owners, as the compact pickup counts that particular brand among its top conquests. Last October, a total of 60 percent of Maverick buyers came from another automaker, with Toyota and Honda compensating for more of those defectors than any other brand.

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  1. dick lebsack

    2023 Maverick orders will yet again get the royal FMC F____ng. Your 2023 order will not be built and you can have a 2024 model for $2300 more if you ordered the XL hybred

    1. Braski

      Then don’t order one.

    2. Ford Buyer

      I thought they were doing a price guarantee and you would get the 2024 Maverick for the 2023 price?

  2. ronarb

    This is the auto business. Customer loyalty is an oxymoron. Your have options, pay and move on or try you luck with some other company. I chose to pay the price and will still not see my ’24 Lariat Hybrid until next spring, depending on the upcoming strikes impact on parts availability.

  3. Ford Owner

    Toyota is the automotive copycat master of the world. Every special new vehicle that comes out, they make a copy. Last week Toyota announced the Century (which was originally a Buick sedan) as a copy of the Cadillac Escalade. Even the Prius hybrid was based on the original design of Victor Wouk the Father of the Hybrid (do a search on his name and read the truth). They have never developed any original vehicle, but make millions of cheap copies. The Maverick copy will be out soon!

    1. Kevin

      The Prius is one of a kind… scion was also an experimental Toyota brand… rav4 predated the escape. Good thing Toyota didn’t copy fords reliability. Mic drop

    2. Lurch

      Toyota has used the Century model name on its top-of-the-line sedan for decades. I doubt GM owned the copyright on the name in Japan, anyway, and the sedan and SUV are nothing like any Buick Century ever made.


    Have you actually seen the official FMC price protection guarantee in written form. I have made several inquiries with NO answers.

  5. JWL

    Toyota is bringing back the Stout nameplate for their mverick competitor.

    1. Kevin

      Officially they’re not. But keep wishing

  6. Jason MD

    Still totally loving my 2022 XL Hybrid (got it right around Christmas 2021). I did have that stupid no start/battery cable issue, but it’s been two months since the dealer fixed it and it’s back to being fine. The city fuel efficiency is incredible – I’ve been seeing as high as 52 mpg in the warm months, and it seems like I’m barely spending any money on gas.

  7. Duane

    I found a Maverick lariat Tremor on the lot, 0$ markup. I can’t say enough good things about this vehicle, the gas mileage is great, the AWD system tears through the snow, ride is super comfortable, barely even feel hitting a Michigan pot hole 🕳️ which can get deep ( trust me). If you get lucky enough to find one or be willing to wait 12-18+ months on ordered one you won’t regret it.


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