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UAW President ‘Shocked’ By President Biden’s Strike Remarks

Over the past several weeks, United Auto Workers (UAW) contract negotiations with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis have gotten pretty intense, with both sides taking things public amid uncertain times and a murky EV transition. Thus far, talks have moved along rather slowly in spite of calls from President Joe Biden for all sides to work together to reach a new deal and avoid a strike – something that UAW president Shawn Fain has made quite clear is a real possibility. Regardless, as Ford Authority reported yesterday, Biden said that he isn’t worried about a potential strike, and doesn’t believe that it will actually happen – something that drew an immediate response from Fain, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“He must know something we don’t know,” Fain told reporters at Detroit’s annual Labor Day parade on Monday, adding that he was “shocked by that reaction.” “Maybe the companies plan on walking in and giving us our demands the night before,” Fain said. “He’s on the inside of something I don’t know about. Our intent is not to strike. Our intent is to get a fair agreement. There are three companies to bargain with and there are 10 days left to do it. The goal is a fair and equitable agreement for our members. At the end of the day, if we are not there, there will be a strike.”

The UAW is seeking a 40 percent pay increase for its members, along with the end of tiered pay systems and the return of a cost-of-living adjustment, and has already voted to authorize a strike if necessary – though salaried Blue Oval workers may step in if that happens. The UAW also panned Ford’s initial contract offer last week, which CEO Jim Farley said “would allow for the continuation of Ford’s unique position as the most American automaker – and give us the flexibility we need within our manufacturing footprint to respond to customer demand as the industry transforms.”

Ford is offering the UAW a nine percent general wage increase over the span of the entire contract, which is the largest since its 1999 deal with the union. Additionally, UAW workers would receive coverage worth $17,500 and additional benefits worth another $20,500 in the first year, which would keep those workers in the top one percent of all employer-sponsored medical plans for lowest employee cost sharing.

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  1. 1970Mav

    Joe Biden is a moron with an idiot’s brain wrapped in an A$$hole.

    1. mike s

      Couldn’t agree more. The only interest Joe Biden is concerned is so he doesn’t look any worse with his Bidenomics than he already does. He’s too busy keeping his crackhead son out of prison. Worst president in my 72 years

      1. JoeAmerican

        Sorry, I was going to post a comment but censored at the last minute due to keeping this site G-Rated instead of my comments quadruple R, PG100 Rated. At least I can think it. Them people can’t take that away from me. Hahaha Don’t complain, get out and vote in 2024.

  2. wjtinfwb

    A 40% pay increase? In what world does an employee get a 40% increase today for doing the same thing they did yesterday. Plus I understand the union is also demanding a 4 day work week. So… 20% less work for 40% more money. That sounds reasonable. Who would blame the Big 3 if they shuttered all these plants and moved production to Mexico. Or built new facilities in non-Union states like Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina? Those workers have demonstrated they can build a high quality car, be it a Honda, Kia, BMW or Toyota and do it with grace at fair wages. The UAWs time has passed, bust these greedy morons up and make great cars where the workers appreciate the jobs.

  3. Matthew

    Give them a raise but tell them 80pct medical comes.out of their hide. And the pension obligations are revoked. They can join the rest with a 401k.

    But I agree. Shutter the plants and move it all to freedom from forced union states. Welcome to zero jobs, morons.

  4. Rod Martin

    40% pay increases
    can’t sell cars if the price goes any higher
    WOW insane

  5. John


  6. David Hughey

    People are idiots they say the stupidest things the money they make helps the economy you live in keep goin think think

  7. Joe

    How about the retired uaw works who haven’t had a pay raise in 20 years and had cost of living taken away

  8. Myself

    Sounds like the union is wanting jobs to go non union 40% pay raise and get rid of tier jobs lol

  9. Michael

    I say do away with the union all together you know the government bailed out dodge and gm years ago cause they could not make it need to stick to a cola raise every year up to 5% raise every year and everyone will get more money
    And Biden does not care he wants th ev to be the number one car but this country is not ready for that so any one who supports Biden is a idiot
    Trump is on trail cause of the democrats they don’t want him in office cause he put this country on the road to recovery but Biden destroyed all that
    Biden should be impeached on the boarder alone

  10. Abelardo Pacheco

    Just imagine the UAW caused a 1billion dollar loss the first week. There goes your pay increase. News say they want 40% pay increase and other trinkets. Wonder how much UAW has saved up to support members. Union history some of the most corrupt organizations in this country. Demands sound like a pie in the sky, members voted for strike

  11. Linda

    When there is a strike, NOBODY wins. I hope this does not happen. Both sides, keep talking. Come to a reasonable settlement. 40% increase is not reasonable especially in this economy.

  12. harold

    All Biden wants is votes He is the one that caused all the hi prices on food an gas an everthing else

  13. Gary . Virginia.

    I’ve worked union most of my life. Now retired ,the ones I know and knew who cursed at unions made less and now are either still working or working part time. So I support the Unions as well as Our President Joe Bidens. No fox’s news in my peaceful house…

  14. Toni

    I say they should get a 40% raise if teachers also get a 40% raise maybe a better educated generation could not work in factories where the company owners pay top ceo and exutives 85 to 95 % more the the workers 🙄
    Better educated people maybe they would be those in charge and be better do better but probably not the rich only look out for themselves I must be dreaming


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