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UAW Set To Resume Talks With Ford Today

Following weeks of negotiations that seemingly didn’t get very far, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union began a targeted strike at one facility owned and operated by each of the Detroit Big Three automakers. For the Blue Oval, that location is the Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger and employs around 3,300 people – though the automaker just laid off 600 workers there as a direct result of this strike. With both sides seemingly far apart in negotiations – with FoMoCo claiming that the UAW’s most recent offer is “unsustainable” and could even bankrupt the company, according to CEO Jim Farley, President Joe Biden recently stated that automakers need to share profits with their workers. Regardless, both sides figure to continue to try and find some common ground, and that process will resume today, according to Reuters.

United Auto Workers UAW Strike Ford Michigan Assembly Plant

Now on its fourth day with no resolution clearly in sight, the UAW strike will at least see all sides return to the negotiating table, as the union met with General Motors yesterday and is set to meet with Ford and Stellantis today to resume talks over a new four-year contract. Regardless, things don’t appear to have progressed very much over the past few days. “I don’t really want to say we’re closer,” said UAW President Shawn Fain. “It’s a shame that the companies didn’t take our advice and get down to business from the beginning of bargaining back in mid-July.”

With 12,700 UAW workers officially on strike, the union did note that it had “reasonably productive discussions” with Ford on Saturday,  at least, while Stellantis reportedly raised its pay increase offer from 17.5 to 20 percent, matching GM and Ford’s proposal. However, that figure is still pretty far off the union’s demands.

While all three automakers are now offering the UAW a 20 percent pay increase, the union is reportedly seeking a recently-lowered ask of around 36 percent. Otherwise, FoMoCo is seemingly willing to meet most of the union’s demands, including the return of cost of living increases, the end of tiered pay systems, pensions for new hires, and increased pensions for retirees – but not its request for a four-day, 32-hour full time work week.

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  1. Al

    While I’m sympathetic towards the UAW, asking for more money AND reduced work days in the same conversation is just juvenile.

    1. Mr UAW

      Well, thanks for your sympathy. Juvenile isn’t the word that I would use to describe our demands. Personally, I don’t see the 4 day work week happening. If it does, great. If not, no love lost. It’s more of an extra card in the hand during negotiations.

  2. Johnny

    To hell with the uaw unions are running this country in the ground I hope ford moves all there operations to Mexico and uaw has to disband

    1. Mr UAW

      lol you already know what I’m going to say. I’ll save us both the time 🤡

  3. Jim

    I agree with Johnny. The 4 day work week is ridiculous and even if they don’t get it now, they will continue to push for it. I owned 2 Fusions that we’re made in Mexico, build quality was better than my Explorer that was made in Il. How can Ford, GM and Stallantis compete with Toyota, Honda, Tesla, etc…. if have to give so much more to the workers? Makes no sense.. none at all

    1. Mr UAW

      Because labor costs only amount to 5% of the cost of the vehicle? What don’t you understand? It’s fairly simple math.. for most of us at least 😂

  4. mike s

    The 4 day work week is pushing it. It could work but very complicated. Other than that, I hope the UAW get everything they ask for. Ford is making record profits while the worker gets little. Consumers are and have been getting the shaft as well. Finding a vehicle for less than MSRP has been difficult since companies started using their excuses related to covid and jacking up retail prices. Joe Biden hasn’t helped. If he would have made his speech BEFORE the strike started, it could have nudged the automakers in the concession direction. Instead, as usual, he delays, just as he did about East Palastine, the tragedy on Maui, and so many other screw ups. The day he declared that he didn’t think there would be a strike, I called my bookie. The man never gets anything right. The UAW deserves a hugh wage raise and as long as Ford asks these ridiculous prices they will not get my sympathy. The vast amount of money Ford is spending to appease the WOKE by making EVs should be going to those guys that put the car in the driveway.


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