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We Render An Insane 2025 Ford Mustang Mach-E GTD

From time to time, Ford Authority renders what we feel like might be solid-selling, viable Blue Oval models – or in many cases, just fun ideas that pop up. That list includes a hypothetical Ford Mustang Mach-E sedan, as well as a Mach-E Raptor. Now that FoMoCo has officially pulled the covers off its most capable and wildest pony car to date – the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD – it also seemed like the appropriate time to wonder – what if the automaker applied that same treatment to its EV counterpart, and came up with a Ford Mustang Mach-E GTD?

Well, it might just look something like this, truthfully. As is the case with the Mustang GTD, the Ford Mustang Mach-E variant would launch with some serious carbon fiber aero bits and pieces to help keep it glued to the track while also supporting the high-speed straights, coupled with a massive set of wheels and tires – in this case, finished in bronze. Out back, there’s also a gigantic wing, just like its ICE-powered counterpart.

In addition to those styling elements, this theoretical Mach-E GTD is also equipped with some of the same parts present on the recently -revealed Mach-E Rally, such as its fog lamps that are integrated into the front “grille,” though the hatch-mounted wing is obviously far larger than the one present on that model.

As for what might power this Mach-E GTD, it obviously wouldn’t be some sort of special, supercharged, 5.2L V8 like the Mustang GTD, which is expected to generate north of 800 horsepower. Instead, Ford could simply opt to give it something even wilder – perhaps the same powertrain as the Mach-E 1400, which lays down an incredible 1,400 horsepower. Of course, that might rain on the Mustang GTD’s pony car parade just a tad, but the concept of a Mach-E counterpart is nothing more than a dream at this point, anyway.

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  1. JE

    However, it´s still NOT a Mustang.

    1. Rob M

      I agree
      Call it something else.
      Not Mustang

      1. Tigger

        Pseudo Mustang..

    2. Keith Bjelland

      I agree it is not a mustang
      Call it something else.
      I would at least make it look better
      Who gets paid to design these ugly cars.
      I could make them look better.
      And why can’t they figure out having a system that charges while the car is moving down the road.

  2. Bruce

    Ok, it’s better. It’s a MachE.

    1. JE

      I guess it´s a matter of tastes, but I don´t like the Mach-e (or any SUV or crossover). For me, it´s not a Mustang no matter how Ford wants to name it. If Ford wanted a 4 door EV Mustang, then they should have targeted something the likes of a Porsche Taycan.

  3. Tom

    Young Frankenstein. No, Frankenstein! Mustang, no Mustang with charging. It’s true…Oh! It’s true.

  4. Ford Owner

    Let this Mach-E GTD rain on the gasser parade. Electrics are superior and belong to this century. Gas is obsolete!

    1. G O PEE


    2. Dave 2.0

      #Ford Owner and two others “might”
      buy this thing.

    3. JE

      OK. Electrics belong to this century and it´s clear that the auto industry is going that way (I even owe an electric sedan for daily transportation). However, in a planet with climatic change problems, SUV´s are a contradiction as they have a higher gravity point and due to it´s design, they create more resistance to the wind. That means heavier and larger bateries which are more difficult to downgrade and higher maintenance to the vehicle due that it´s pieces tend to wear out faster. And finally they offer no advantage over a sedan or a sports coupe like the Mustang. So what´s the point of having an electric SUV and call it a Mustang when it doesn´t pollute less than an ICE original Mustang? If Ford wanted a 4 door EV Mustang and give the image of a clean company, then they should have targeted something the likes of a Porsche Taycan. Otherwise, I prefer the ICE traditional Mustang anytime.

    4. RCL

      Sorry, but it is far more usable to drive an ICE vehicle. Mining battery components is horrible for the environment and try taking a long trip in a battery vehicle. Good luck. The power grid can’t even begin to support charging millions of vehicles. The infrastructure is not there. It’s about choice and the freedom to drive what you want, nit being forced to drive what a government dictates.

    5. Keith Bjelland

      Gas rules and is not obsolete
      Try fighting a war without petrol.

  5. Wright

    Looks like crap

    1. TIMOTHY

      Love the looks of it, even though it is not very practical with that monster wing.

  6. John

    Gross. Make it stop.

  7. Tigger

    Put it on the CD6 Mustang platform with ICE/Hybrid powetrain then we’ll talk

  8. Rodney

    To complain about the name is childish. It was an amazing marketing strategy. Has everyone talking about it. Ford owns it and can name it whatever they like. It shouldn’t stop a Ford lover from buying a mustang. I’ve had 14, have a 16 now and will probably buy a 2020 GT500 next yr. Stop complaining and be happy will still have ice mustang to drive considering that dodge and chey have quit…


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