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1931 Ford Model AA Tanker Truck Up For Auction

Though we don’t see quite as many up for sale as we used to, vintage Ford vehicles from the 1930s remain popular entities on the collector car circuit, as we recently saw with a very interesting 1930 Model A pickup that spent many decades working on a farm. Now, this 1931 Ford Model AA – a heavier-duty, work-focused version of the Model A hauler – is up for auction at Bring a Trailer, in this case, in a very cool tanker truck configuration.

1931 Ford Model AA Tanker Truck - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This 1931 Ford Model AA has a bit of a mysterious history, though we do know that the previous owner treated it to a bit of a refurbishment before it was acquired by the seller back in 2017. After starting life as basically just a cab and a frame, the Model AA was treated to a red, three-chamber fuel supply tank at some point that was manufactured by the Eaton Metal Products Company out of Denver, Colorado, which it is mounted on a painted wood frame.

1931 Ford Model AA Tanker Truck - Interior 001

Texaco logos have been added to the doors, adding to the appealing vintage tanker truck look, and there are even nine fuel cans in the event that someone wants to put this old work truck back to work. Thanks to its a dual-wheel rear axle, this old truck is certainly up to that task, even if it is devoid of any sort of frills – which was the case with pretty much everything built back in the 1930s, in all fairness.

1931 Ford Model AA Tanker Truck - Engine Bay 001

Of course, one won’t be getting anywhere quickly in this thing – particularly if it’s weighed down with fuel – as it’s powered by a meager 201 cubic-inch L-head inline-four cylinder engine that was factory rated to produce 40 horsepower, which flows to the wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. But for someone looking for a museum piece or just a cool parade vehicle, they certainly don’t get much better than this.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Certainly is a beauty. The HENRY FORD MUSEUM could certainly find a way to put it on static display or park in in the VILLAGE section.


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