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1985 Ford Mustang GT With 8K Miles Up For Auction

The Fox Body generation of the Ford Mustang has long been a favorite among many, particularly those that grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s. That’s especially true today, when many folks who wanted one of these cars growing up are now out making up for lost time by scooping one up, creating a bit of a flux in the market. We’ve seen plenty of nice, low-mile Fox Body examples surface for sale at auction recently, including a rare 1990 7-Up Edition and a 1992 Convertible Summer Edition, to name just a couple. Now, this immaculate 1985 Ford Mustang GT up for grabs at Cars & Bids keeps that trend going.

1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible With 8K Miles - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This 1985 Ford Mustang GT is certainly a standout in today’s world due to the fact that it’s not only completely bone stock, but it also has just 8,400 miles showing on the odometer – an incredibly low figure for any vehicle of this age. As such, it’s mostly perfect on the outside, with nothing more than a few scuffs and scratches marring its Medium Charcoal Metallic paint. Additionally, the seller notes that the passenger side front fender was refinished by the previous owner.

1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible With 8K Miles - Interior 001

The same goes for the Charcoal interior, which looks like brand new with no discernible defects. It’s also well-equipped, with amenities including power steering, power windows and locks, sport seats, a tilt steering wheel, a premium sound system, air conditioning, and cruise control.

1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible With 8K Miles - Engine Bay 001

Power for this pony car comes from the venerable Ford 5.0L V8, which in this guise was factory rated to produce 210 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. That power flows to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission and a Traction-Lok rear differential, making for decent performance even by today’s lofty standards. However, we doubt the new owner will do much spirited driving behind the wheel, given how incredibly nice this Fox truly is.

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  1. CP

    The last year of the 4V. ‘86 was fuel injection.

  2. Mrx19

    Had an identical car, only in fastback form. The often repeated statement “wish I still had it” applies here.

  3. StarLord

    I had an 86 4 cylinder LX. You could see the ground under the hood where it looked like half the engine was missing. The 4 cylinder was a joke but the V8 meant triple the insurance rating. So it lasted for about 90,000 then the engine just quit. I swore I would never buy another 4 cylinder again.

  4. Bob Gallipeau

    We had a 1995 black on black 302 suv # 60 off line the day it got totaled it had 160,000 on it with the original clutch and exhaust wish still had that one


    Reminds me of our second Mustang. A new 1986 Red with Black hood stripe Mustang GT Cobra. Loved the sound of the dual exhaust. Kept it for 9 years. Just bought a 2023 Grabber Blue Mustang Mach-E last month.


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