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1991 Ford Taurus Wagon With Just 45K Miles Is For Sale

It’s not exactly a secret that more and more people are looking to 1980s and 1990s vehicles as collectibles, models that are currently considerably cheaper than other, more established entities. This includes not only sports cars, trucks, and SUVs, but also commuter vehicles these days, such as the Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of these types of vehicles sell for increasingly large sums of money, and now, this very nice 1991 Ford Taurus wagon up for grabs on Facebook Marketplace looks primed to become the next one in this ongoing trend.

1991 Ford Taurus Wagon With 45K Miles - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This 1991 Ford Taurus wagon has just 45,693 miles on the clock, and it certainly looks the part. Its blue exterior paint shines like new and doesn’t look like it has any notable flaws, for starters, outside of what is likely the typical rock chip and scratch or two. Even the trim doesn’t appear to have the fading that can be quite common, while the wheels and trim are in tidy, like-new condition as well.

1991 Ford Taurus Wagon With 45K Miles - Interior 001

That theme continues inside the cabin, as this Taurus sports a very nice interior with gray cloth upholstery that’s devoid of things like rips and even staining. There is a little wear on the driver’s side, but nothing too terrible, and all of the switchgear looks brand new and essentially unused. Even the large rear cargo area is free of things like dirt or stains, which is quite uncommon for these utilitarian wagons.

1991 Ford Taurus Wagon With 45K Miles - Engine Bay 001

Pop the hood, and it’s pretty clear someone has detailed this particular engine bay, but there’s no hiding flaws or mileage, and in this case, there’s seemingly nothing to conceal. This 1991 Ford Taurus wagon certainly looks like the real deal, and its asking price of $9,995 also seems quite reasonable given what these types of vehicles are selling for these days.

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  1. Mark B

    I had a 1988 Mercury Sable LS with the 3.8L V6 in Burgundy with just about ever option. What a great car until one of the head gaskets blew. Apparently, this was deemed a warranty issue on the 1989 and newer, so I disappointingly missed this even though the motor was exactly the same! Other than that, we were able to tote our two kids around and go on vacations with some modicum of driving pleasure due to it basically being still a car with a low center of gravity…just with a really big trunk! If I wait long enough, maybe wagons will come back? Fingers crossed…

    1. chipster

      Dag gone head gaskets. Wagons are more popular than ever; they are disguised as SUV and CUV. In Europe & other locations U can still buy a number of wagons (estates, etc) that are the classic sedan with cargo space instead of a trunk. Fuzzy interiors sure were popular in the olden days. ;>)

  2. Shaun Waite

    I was worried about the value of these rising. I’m searching for a 1986 Ford Taurus LX wagon for restoration one day. They are getting so hard to find. I had the chance to get one in back in 2019 in Portland Oregon for $1500 but my dad got in the way. Can’t find another one. Typically these would go for $1,000-$2000 and nothing above 3,000 usually only if it’s very pristine, If things are going to go this way I won’t be able to get one now…


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