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2023 Ford Maverick Production Really Picked Up In September

As Ford Authority reported back in May, The Blue Oval has been working to ramp up production of the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick at the Hermosillo Assembly plant for some time, adding a total of 80,000 units of production capacity by the end of the year, a move that included adding a third shift. That seemingly paid off in May, when 2023 Ford Maverick production really took off with 11,061 units leaving the plant that month, representing a 52 percent increase compared to April, when it produced 7,263 units. In July, FoMoCo churned out 10,211 Maverick pickups as things continued unabated, but according to the automaker’s Q3 sales report, 2023 Ford Maverick production picked up in a big way in September.

Ford Maverick Hybrid Argentina - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

Last month, Ford produced a total of 13,058 Maverick pickups, which is an increase of 4,576 units or 54 percent, month-over-month, versus August, when it built 8,482 units. Aside from being the compact pickup’s best production total of the 2023 calendar year thus far, it also brings the Maverick’s year-to-date production total to 85,694 units, which is undoubtedly encouraging news for those that have been patently awaiting the delivery of their new compact pickup.

Unfortunately for some of those folks, 2023 Ford Maverick production is set to end this month – as Ford Authority reported back in March – and some orders may wind up getting pushed to the 2024 model year as The Blue Oval continues to struggle to build enough units to meet what remains extremely high demand. Even worse, the popular hybrid model is still constrained, too.

The 2023 Ford Maverick launched with a handful of changes for the new model year, including the introduction of the new Tremor Off-Road PackageTremor Off-Road Appearance Package, and Black Appearance Package. The compact pickup did get a noticeable price hike across the board, however.

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  1. mike s

    the fact that there are no comments at this late hour of the day indicates that people just don’t care anymore. Maybe the craze to get a new maverick is over. Ford sure did screw this one up, but what is new. UAW may be the nail in the coffin for this inept company. I for one will not miss them.

    1. HasPic

      Yes exactly, I mean sales up 83% in Q3 sure shows how badly they’ve screwed up and how people just don’t want a Maverick.

      The comments are light because most people who are like you and want to complain can’t complain if production and sales are dramatically up. But, you didn’t let these plain and obvious facts stop you from drawing the opposite conclusion. No sirre.

  2. Gayla

    I agree – Ford has disappointed many customers. I am one of them. Ordered my hybrid Maverick XLT July 2022. I’m tired of Ford ramping up sales in other countries—-take care of the U.S. customers. I’m tired of waiting. Looking at new Tacoma hybrid.

    1. HasPic

      If you haven’t heard anything since July of 2022, your problem (aside from a lack of common sense) is with your dealer.

      Good luck ordering a new Tacoma. Enjoy your $40k truck.

    2. HasPic

      And your sense of American entertainment is revolting. And I say that as a proud American, not a self-hating lefty biden-ist.

  3. Dave M

    Was just notified today that my 2024 Maverick Lariat is scheduled for production the first week of December. I ordered it when the banks opened in July, so it seems things have picked up a bit, but ultimately must wait until the truck is actually delivered to know for sure.

  4. Kevin

    Can someone please explain what does production end this month on the 2023 Maverick. Like they’re not making any in November December?

  5. John

    Assume production of the 2024 model year maverick will begin. Usually they change model years around august. Think the article(s) are a little intentionally vague or misleading to give folks that impression that production of Mavericks are shutting down for the year (for clicks), when Ford is just swapping the model year.

  6. Suzanne zawacki

    I love my maverick the best vehicle ever 💕

  7. Pikey87

    Got my October 2021 order in late February 2023. XL hybrid in cactus gray. My only options were the full size spare, all season floor mats, and the plastic bed liner.

    I did have an issue with it continually going into deep sleep mode that took the dealer 3 weeks to figure out. It’s been perfect ever since. I consistently get over 45mpg, and I always get over 600 miles per tank.

    It’s a great little truck, and I’m thoroughly satisfied with it. I hope it ends up being reliable, I’d love to reach 200k with it. Not convinced it will, but hey it’s a new model, anything can happen lol.

  8. Duane

    Found a Maverick Tremor on the lot, if you get a chance to test one of these Tremors out I 99% sure you will buy it. Super comfortable barely even feel the potholes I am getting 25 mpg with the Ecoboost and A/T tires I only drive in city but if seen 32 mpg on longer trips on 2 way highways, I honestly can’t find a single thing I dislike.

  9. Mike S 2.0

    I too have purchased a 2023 Mav and have been told it will be a 2024 model. C’est la vie. I’m looking forward to it. I test drove a 2023 XLT and it was impressive. Can’t wait!! But I guess I have to.

  10. dick lebsack

    I’m certainly happy for the gentlemen who was notified that his 2024 Maverick order received a build date—however there are hundreds of 2023 hybred model orders that have NOT heard a whisper from Ford regarding their orders. ALL of these orders are from the October 17, 2022 order bank and who were notified on July 17, 2023 to put in a back-up order for a 2024 model–these people have also not been notified by Ford!!!!!!!

  11. Josh

    I waited eight months for my 2022 Hybrid. Best day I had was replacing the unreliable pile of junk with an alternate that drinks gas, but at least starts on command.
    Best luck to you folks!


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