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2024 Ford Explorer Drops 3.3L V6 Hybrid Powertrain

Previously expected to debut for the 2024 model year, the refreshed Ford Explorer was recently pushed back to 2025, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last month. In the meantime, the 2024 Ford Explorer will carry over with very few changes – mostly representing a carryover year for the popular crossover. However, sources familiar the matter have told Ford Authority that there is at least one big update coming for the 2024 Ford Explorer – it’s dropping the 3.3L V6 Hybrid engine option.

The 2024 Ford Explorer lineup will not include the 3.3L V6 hybrid, as both trims that currently offer it – the Limited Hybrid (310A) and Platinum Hybrid (600A) – have been dropped, which means the hybrid is no longer available. However, the non-civilian, law enforcement-focused Police Interceptor Utility will still continue to utilize this electrified powertrain.

As for the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer, we already know quite a bit about what we can expect from the revised model when it does make its long-awaited debut. For starters, the crossover will feature revised styling on the outside, at least as it pertains to the front and rear fascias. Interestingly, this seemingly doesn’t apply to the Timberline, however, which was recently spotted with the same front end as the current model, though that could change given the model’s recent delay.

Meanwhile, the new Active trim will be added to the Explorer lineup, which may replace the XLT, while the high-performance ST will continue to be offered. Inside the cabin, the refreshed Explorer is set to receive a host of updates as well, which include a larger, standard touchscreen, as well as a revised center stack and dashboard. Production of the 2024 Ford Explorer is expected to only last a total of two months – January and February of next year, while production of the 2025 model is expected to commence in late March 2024 – however, as is always the case, these dates are subject to change.

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  1. JimL

    It would be interesting to see Ford offer a 4-cyl hybrid on the Explorer: Better performance and fuel economy.

  2. Michael K

    It’s also my understanding that the Aviator PHEV is being discontinued for 2024.

    1. Mf

      Thats a shame, it was the powertrain to get. Unfortunately its high price limited it’s appeal. They should have made that powertrain an optional upgrade on any 3.0t equipped explorer.

  3. Ben

    They should’ve made it available on lower Explorer trims and even in the Ranger. Also this would’ve made a good transition powertrain (maybe w/optional AWD) in the Mustang.

  4. wjtinfwb

    There must be a business case for the 2 month model year cycle mentioned in the above, as GM just did the same thing with Camaro, which is being discontinued after the ’24 model year. But Ford certainly isn’t discontinuing Explorer, so I assume a new, heavily revamped Explore must be in the wings for ’25? If there’s a reason for a short ’24 year vs. extending the ’23 model year until the new version is ready, I’d like to hear more.

    1. Michael K

      The 2024 Explorer/Aviator were originally going to be the updated model, but they’ve delayed it to 2025 because of ongoing quality and supply issues that have plagued both cars this year. They still have thousands waiting for camera replacements sitting in lots. Now the plant is on strike after months of stop-sale and production disruptions. So that’s the main reason the update has been pushed to 2025 and still hasn’t been announced. It may be longer at this point.

  5. Jordan

    It is a shame the Ford has essentially killed the sales monster that was the Explorer. Thanks to the botched launch, unreliable powetrains, and making it look more crossover than SUV, Ford killed their sales monster. Since before I was an adult ,Explorers were solid sellers, which makes it hard to believe that they have messed it up this badly. Heck, they were so hot in the 00’s that Ford refreshed it instead of killing it because the Edge was supposed to replace it.

  6. Chris

    Ford keeps making me wonder more and more why we don’t get the Everest stateside. They clearly hate the Explorer.

  7. Andrew

    It seems Ford is discontinuing the 3.3L in all its forms. First the F150, now the Explorer. It’s a shame, because it’s possibly my favorite engine from them. A N/A v6 with good power and reliability. It feels like Ford is going all turbo. Whether that is a forced choice or simply trying to simplify the lineup, who can say. But it saddens me. That’s the engine I would want. I expect to see the 3.5 N/A dropped from the transit as well.

  8. John

    Man, I’m glad I got my ’23 Explorer Platinum Hybrid when I did this past February. I got mine with the Jewel Red Metallic paint, which Ford discontinued just a couple of months after mine was built, and now they’re discontinuing the 3.3L hybrid engine. Seems I’ll have a very limited edition Explorer very soon!

  9. CW

    Wish they would make the 3:3 non turbo a option in non hybrid be a more reliable engine

  10. Jim Farley

    Ok, then can we get the 5.0 V8 in the ST Explorer 🤷‍♂️? Some of us don’t care about fuel mileage. Smiles per galloon!

  11. Bob Tomaszewski

    Time to drop the 3rd row, Go to a smaller version.

  12. Manpreet

    I own 2011 Explorer, when this model came out, it was very beautiful and with lot of updated features compare to Honda Pilot, GM Traverse and many more. They make some changes in the shape later was fine. But 2020 model they killed this SUV, it looks ugly, not enough space for the 7 seater. The rear side and tail lamps are the most boring. The front shape and lamps are not very great either. This full size SUV is not high enough, it should be. It is not 7 seater anymore, they dip the roof down for rear seat reduce lot of space for third seat and trunk. It is basically a crossover just a bit bigger than Edge. I think Ford try to push people to buy Expedition for more profit, if you want some more space. But they are forgetting that there are lot of other choices to buy. There is nothing excited about Explorer anymore for $55000 to $75000 vehicle.


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