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2024 Ford F-150 Already Has A Special Financing Deal

The refreshed 2024 Ford F-150 – along with the newly revised Tremor and F-150 Raptor – were just revealed roughly one month ago, equipped with an array of new standard features like the 12-inch infotainment screen and 2.7L V6 EcoBoost in place of the outgoing 3.3L V6, along with new styling and various other tweaks. As has been the case with most new vehicles lately, these additions come at a cost, however, as the 2024 Ford F-150 lineup has been treated to a price increase. Regardless, PowerBoost hybrid models do at least qualify for some appealing lease deals, and now, a dealer bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect reveals that the pickup also has a special financial deal for those that prefer to buy.

Through January 2nd, those financing a 2024 Ford F-150 can get special rates as low as 3.9 percent for 36 months, or 4.9 percent over 48 months, 5.9 percent for 60 months, 7.9 percent for a 72-month term, or a rather eye-watering 9.9 percent for 84 month financing. As one might imagine, choosing a shorter term will result in a higher monthly payment, but can potentially save one a ton of money in interest – for example, the six-year loan would cost one around $13,000 in interest on a $50,000 loan, versus $19,500 for the seven-year option.

For those that don’t mind purchasing the outgoing, 2023 F-150, far better deals are on the table at the moment, too. FoMoCo is currently offering rates as low as 0.9 percent for 36 months, which can also be coupled with a $500 Low APR Retail Customer Cash offer and $500 in trade-in assistance.

By comparison, FoMoCo’s latest numbers indicate that residual values for the 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid are as high as 77 percent – which could potentially make it an even better lease option than regular, ICE models. These numbers do vary, however, depending on which trim level and configuration one opts for, which is typically always the case.

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  1. Johnny B

    Shorter financing will behoove Ford and it’s stock holders as those people experiencing problems with this platform will have the vehicle paid off in a shorter time and not just stop making payments on the POS because Ford won’t / can’t fix them.

  2. Oldman

    Truck prices are way to high. You will see a collapse in the new vehicle market in 2024.

    1. Trucks aren’t for everyone

      Becuase pencil pushers and suits who are once a year weekend warriors ditched their expeditions and suburbans a few years back to buy trucks and feel manly. Hence the amount of shiny chrome and fancy bits in every new truck now. Working blue collar folk like myself who utilize a truck for actual day to day work can’t afford them anymore. The bare bones ones we can afford that can get banged up on a job don’t offer the things we need anymore like a longer bed.

  3. The Pickup Man

    I hope the prices and interest rates of vehicles today send the big three into bankruptcy that they cannot recover from and no bailouts to get them out of the boiling water. Americans are getting really tired of two things in the news: factory workers demanding Masters degree pay and corporate greed. Screw them all. Capitalism rules. Let them starve if they cannot build vehicles for a reasonable price.

  4. Robert Showe

    I have 2018 with 60, 000 Miles’s on it, XTL in great shape , I bet they wouldn’t give me what is worth

  5. Shockandawe

    Someone’s gotta pay for that crappy tailgate!

  6. Jay Jay

    Interesting they already have a deal out when these trucks don’t even start production until next month!


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