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2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Lineup Gains Standard Heat Pump

Earlier today, The Blue Oval revealed the all-new 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash, a tech-friendly model with a reasonable price tag that’s intended to bridge the gap between the XLT and the Lariat, based on customer feedback, which will join the also-new 2024 F-150 Lightning Platinum Black in the lineup. Perhaps the most notable thing about the new Flash, however, is that it comes equipped with a heat pump, which has not previously been the case with the automaker’s EV pickup, though heat pumps are used in a number of other EVs. However, it isn’t just the Flash that’s getting a heat pump for the new model year, as the entire 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning lineup will follow suit, according to Jake Bley, digital communications lead for Ford electric vehicles.

Ford has filed multiple patents for heat pumps over the past few months, starting with a vapor injection unit back in February 2022, followed by another outlining an idea for an integrated heat pump system and another type of heat pump just this past April.

This is notable given the fact that EV batteries tend to lose considerable range in cold temperatures, while running the heater also draws considerably more power from the battery. In some cases, winter driving can reduce range by as much as 40 percent, in fact, which is a big problem for EV owners. However, heat pumps mitigate this problem by functioning somewhat like a refrigerator compressor – as in, these units move heat from one place to another, almost like a reverse air conditioner.

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  1. David

    Not “almost like an ac compressors”. Exactly like an ac compressor. An AC system IS a heat pump. That is, in fact, the proper thermodynamic term for the process. It is the presence of the reversing valve that allows the process to operate in either direction, however. It boggles the mind that a corporation as large as Ford would not have simply used the existing AC system and then upgrades it with the reversing valve, controls and ancillaries to allow for heating. Its a no-brainer. Electric resistance heat is cheap and easy, but when you are plugged into a battery, and not the grid, its also an incredibly idiotic solution. No wonder my Ford shares wont go up in valie with this kind of basic problem solving skills.


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