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2024 Ford Mustang Not Spending Much Time On Dealer Lots

Following years of anticipation, the brand-new S650-generation 2024 Ford Mustang finally made its debut a little over a year ago, and started shipping to customers this past August. Since then, we’ve seen at least one of those new pony cars suffer a rather horrifying accident, but for the most part, it seems as if owners are enjoying the latest addition to their stable. In fact, the 2024 Ford Mustang is proving so appealing that it isn’t spending much time on dealer lots either, according to The Blue Oval’s Q3 2023 sales report.

FoMoCo sold a total of 9,844 2024 Ford Mustang models in the third quarter, with its first full month on sale being September. In fact, 67 percent of that total came in that month – 6,575 units – which bodes well for the future. However, even more encouraging is the fact that since it launched, the S650 is turning on dealer lots in just six days, which is a truly blistering pace.

Designed to appeal to younger buyers without alienating existing ones, the newest Mustang features a tech-laden interior with a pair of screen options, both utilizing the same Unreal Engine 3D creation tool used in modern video games like Fortnite, presenting real-time graphical renderings, along with the ability to change ambient interior lighting settings.

2024 Ford Mustang

In addition to those features, revised styling, and powertrain updates, 2024 Ford Mustang customers also have the chance to participate in a series of new post-purchase experiences. EcoBoost and GT owners will be able to take advantage of a new destination driving event at the Ford Performance Racing School at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is similar to the existing Track Attack program, while Dark Horse buyers get their own special Track Attack experience that caters specifically to the new range-topping variant.

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  1. Vincent Goodman

    In Alberta, the Mustangs sit on the lots for a long time i have noticed, and there is not a very efficient vehicle in Alberta’s harsh winters, only for short distances, not good for anyone living out in the country

    1. Richard Jones

      Best time to buy one is when they are not practical.

  2. Dennis Cirucci

    I am a bit mystified with your reporting here on the Mustang car accident. There is no shortage of muscle cars getting into trouble leaving car meets, so why fixate on Mustangs. Clearly it was the Hellcat that was at issue here. Instead you missed an excellent opportunity to report on the safety characteristics of the new S650. The owner was not seriously injured…awesome. If you feel a need to mention it at all, why not talk about the safety record and how the new S650 is better, stronger and safer than ever. Just my two cents.

    1. Mark B

      Dennis: I agree wholeheartedly. If I never see another accident video posted ever again on this site or any other, I’d be just fine with that. What is the point of showing these anyway? Someone’s stupidity? Misfortune? And why would anyone enjoy seeing either. News flash! We all know that these events occur! We don’t need to see them!

  3. Duh...

    Not sitting on lots long 2 months after release? I dunno, ya don’t think it has anything to do with pre-orders, do ya?


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