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BMW To Adopt NACS In Wake Of Ford Agreement With Tesla

Since Ford signed an agreement with Tesla back in May – one that will grant Blue Oval EV owners access to the latter’s expansive Supercharger network – a large number of its rivals have followed suit. So far, that list includes General Motors, Volkswagen, Rivian, Nissan, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Kia. Now, that list has grown yet again, as BMW has become the latest automaker to announce that it will also adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) that Tesla uses, rather than the Combined Charging System (CCS) that it – and other automakers – currently utilize.

Both BMW of North America and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA have announced that owners of BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce EVs in both the U.S. and Canada will gain access to Tesla Supercharger stations in early 2025. Over the next several months, the companies will work together to integrate this capability into those vehicles so that owners can find Supercharger stations in their infotainment systems, and make payments for charging services via their existing mobile apps.

Additionally, the BMW Group will begin equipping its all-electric vehicles in the U.S. and Canada with NACS ports starting in 2025 as well, though it’s unclear if existing owners of CCS-equipped EVs will receive some sort of adapter from the company that will enable them to access Tesla Superchargers, as is the case with all of the aforementioned automakers and brands.

BMW iX - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

“With six fully electric BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce models now available in the U.S. market, and more to come, it is our top priority to ensure that our drivers have easy access to reliable, fast charging,” said Sebastian Mackensen, President & CEO, BMW of North America. “This agreement is the latest in our longstanding and continued effort to expand charging options for our customers as we continue on the road to electrification.”

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  1. Bob

    Surprised you did not mention Toyota is going to NACS, though it does not mean much.
    Farley is pulling back from electrics because he can not or will not make one that is actually profitable. This is a disaster for Ford’s future business. They will loose the world market and the US market in less than a few years. You can thank the dealer markups price hikes and hatred of EV’s for the lack of sales. The affordable F150 Lightning at 40K is long gone. MachE does not get enough range for the price. So many problems.


    Hi Bob, it was announced here October 20, 2023 that Toyota is going to NACS. You are right though that there are still plenty of issues Ford and other auto manufacturers need to work out to attract more customers to adopt EVs. Recent automotive price inflation and now moving into a likely near global recession is not helping with the current high price to purchase most first generation EVs. Those manufacturers that can get their EV production to scale will be able to mass produce less costly second or third generation EVs that the general population can afford.


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