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Extremely Rare 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution Up For Auction

The Blue Oval has certainly churned out its fair share of performance-focused vehicles over the years, but one could argue that few are quite as cool – and certainly special – as the RS200 Evolution. A machine bred specifically for FIA Group B homologation purposes, the automaker produced a grand total of 24 units of the 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution, and yet, we still see these amazing machines quite frequently at auction. In recent years, a couple of nice examples have popped up for sale and raked in big bucks, and now, this 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution up for grabs at Bring a Trailer figures to keep that trend going.

1986 Ford RS200 Evolution - Interior 001

While Ford built a total of 140 units of the regular RS200, only two dozen Evolution models were produced. This particular example is chassis 070, and it was originally ordered by a Texas philanthropist and oilman alongside three other RS200s – via former F1 driver Innes Ireland in the UK. Since then, this Evo has moved around quite a bit, returning to the UK once before heading back to the states, where it was acquired by the seller just six months ago.

1986 Ford RS200 Evolution - Engine Bay 001

This 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution has just 600 kilometers on the clock – or around 373 miles – and as such, is in pretty fantastic condition, save for a little bit of cracking in the Diamond White paint on the leading edge of the hood. Otherwise, there aren’t too many bones to pick, and this ultra-rare machine remains in fantastic condition inside and out, with a red and gray interior providing a bit of contrast.

1986 Ford RS200 Evolution - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

The main attraction with the RS200 Evolution, of course, is its mid-mounted Cosworth-built 2,137cc inline-four cylinder engine, which was capable of churning out a reported 600 horsepower with the right tune. With a five-speed manual gearbox behind it, performance was simply mind-boggling for the time, with a 0-60 time of just 3.07 seconds – a figure that remains incredibly impressive to this day. However, given the fact that this one has already crested the $150,000 mark with 10 days to go, that kind of performance certainly won’t come cheap.

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