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Extremely Unique 1987 Ford Mustang Saleen Up For Auction

As the Ford Mustang remains one of the most beloved automotive models ever conceived, it’s no surprise to see many of them popping up at collector car auctions sites across the web on a regular basis. This doesn’t just include stock examples or even routinely modified ones either – in fact, we’ve come across some pretty unique and interesting pony cars lately, including a 1967 model built by the folks at Count’s Kustoms, as well as a 2008 Shelby Turbo prototype. Now, we can add this extremely unique 1987 Ford Mustang Saleen tester to the list, as it’s up for grabs at Bring a Trailer.

1987 Ford Mustang Saleen Prototype - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This particular 1987 Ford Mustang is Saleen #87-001 and – as a test bed for the SA-5 and SSC – it was also the very first street car with engine modifications performed by Saleen Autosport. It was even used as a press car and is emissions legal, and is only available for sale because the owner of the past 32 years is finally ready to part ways with it.

1987 Ford Mustang Saleen Prototype - Interior 001

On the outside, this prototype looks much like a standard Saleen Fox Body from the era, sporting Oxford White paint, DP-5 SCC wheels, blue side stripes, a 01 decal on the front bumper, Saleen and Racecraft Suspension decals, and a Competition Design rear wing, front air dam, rear valance, and side skirts. The Federal Certification Vehicle decals on the doors are a dead giveaway that something is different about this pony car, however, along with the extended exhaust outlets and rolled tips that were added for emissions testing purposes.

1987 Ford Mustang Saleen Prototype - Engine Bay 001

The interior is standard Saleen fare with a different steering wheel and some badges, while the engine bay houses a naturally-aspirated 5.0L V8 tuned by the company, and it’s also equipped with alloy roller rockers and prototype exhaust headers. With just 7k miles on the clock and a few flaws, this very cool prototype is now looking for a new home, presenting us with a bit of a rare opportunity in that regard.

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  1. John Yeoman

    Nice car but I see the same writing and spoken error often. Unique means one of a kind, so something cannot be extremely unique. Extremely rare would be a better description. Sorry, my parents were school teachers!


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