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Ford Backed Lobby Groups Oppose NHTSA Fuel Economy Proposal

Back in April 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finalized new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that will increase fuel efficiency by eight percent annually for vehicles built in the model years 2024-2025 and 10 percent annually for 2026 model year vehicles. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, that move is expected to cost automakers quite a lot of money in terms of penalties that those companies are set to incur if they don’t meet the revised CAFE standards – roughly $1 billion in Ford’s case. That prompted the American Automotive Policy Council – which represents Ford, Stellantis, and GM – to pen a letter expressing its opposition to these revisions, and now, it’s being joined by the lobby group Alliance for Automotive Innovation (AAI), according to Reuters.

AAI – which represents most all major automakers, including Ford – sharply criticized the NHTSA’s proposed CAFE standards, calling them “unreasonable” and asking for major revisions. Meanwhile, the American Automotive Policy Council has suggested halving the proposed fuel economy increase for trucks each year to 2 percent, saying the agency’s current proposal “would disproportionately impact the truck fleet.”

The group added that if implemented, the new CAFE standards could cost consumers in a big way as well, adding upwards of $3,000 to the average price of a new vehicle by 2032 as a result of the aforementioned fines, which “exceeds reason and will increase costs to the American consumer with absolutely no environmental or fuel savings benefits,” it wrote.

Thus far, the NHTSA has disagreed with these notions, saying that its proposed fuel economy standards “are focused on saving Americans money at the gas pump and strengthening American energy independence,” estimating that the combined benefits of its proposal would exceed costs by more than $18 billion.

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  1. Thurston Munn

    The people who write these standards are clueless idiots!! They only do it to justify their over paid jobs. A high percentage of todays ICE vehicles get very good mileage and for the most part very reliable.

    1. Rascal

      Please put some clothes on.

  2. Bob

    Double it. Maybe then we can stop paying Russians, Iranians and Saudis money for gas. We can also give our over worked oil refineries a break because no one wants one of those horrible things in their town.

  3. CB422

    More of the authoritarian Bidenomics for you. We’ll be back in a horse and buggy if we let these idiots remain in charge.

    1. David Dickinson II

      The progressives in charge want to eliminate individually owned vehicles and force everyone into mass transit. Since they can’t outlaw ICE vehicles outright, they make regulations like these that drive up the costs of owning a vehicle. The higher the price, the fewer cars are sold. Progressives want to choke off the entire ICE industry.

  4. wj

    It high time people start to stand up to all these rules….not just auto companys….it costing dearly….what have you gained to pay thousands extra..for a more unreliable car….now is a good time to mention all the recalls and engine problems as a trade off to these unreal standards…Epa and others need to be called out…its easy to push a pen while in a office…but out in real world…not so much…

  5. Dave

    First of all, Lobbying groups are 90% of the problem in Washington. They should be banned. The rich get to buy influence, and we just get screwed. Of course Ford doesn’t want these higher CAFE numbers! They stopped making cars, remember. They love selling huge heavy thirsty SUV’s and Trucks to soccer moms so that they can feel “safe” in their rollover prone overweight ill handling junior monster trucks.

  6. Buck

    Another unelected agency making rules and regulations that are designed to hurt the people as they get payoffs to do it. This is all an attempt to force everyone into a high dollar unpractical unwanted EV.


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