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Ford Bronco Production Plummeted In September 2023

After debuting to much fanfare and tremendous demand a few years ago, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco remained in short supply for a very long time, a problem that wasn’t helped much by supply chain shortages. FoMoCo finally managed to begin ramping up Bronco production some time ago, and it has been on the upward trajectory ever since – at least, until the United Auto Workers (UAW) began its targeted strike by walking out of the Michigan Assembly plant one month ago, which is where the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger are built. Thus, as one would guess, Ford Bronco production took a major hit last month as a result, according to The Blue Oval’s Q3 sales report.

Last month, MAP managed to build a total of 5,566 Ford Bronco models, which is a sharp decrease of 9,205 units or 62 percent compared to August. That particular month also happened to be the Bronco’s most productive of the year thus far – second only to March’s total of 14,622 units. As of the end of September, Ford has built a grand total of 103,993 Broncos in the 2023 calendar year so far.

While that sounds bad, the Ford Bronco has enjoyed a much more production run this year than the Ranger, of which just 15 units were produced at MAP last month, even less than August’s total of 259 pickups. It also brings the pickup’s year-to-date total to 28,900 units, which is mostly buoyed by production of the outgoing, last-gen, 2023 model.

Things figure to get even worse in October, however, as the UAW strike continues with no perceivable end in sight. As Ford Authority reported earlier today, the union won’t be expanding its strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis as of now, but the two sides remain far apart on at least two particular issues related to retirement and the inclusion of EV plants in the future master contract.

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  1. Gary Niblett

    What is the production status with the Bronco Sport?

    1. Al Palmer

      I believe if you put a soft top on that two door Bronco it would help sales.

  2. Dan Dasson

    Overpriced. Keep it.
    Over paying for a vehicle takes the fun out of it.

    1. Schroed

      Sorry you can’t afford 1 !!!

      1. David Middleton

        Just because someone says it’s overpriced doesn’t mean they csnt afford one sone of just are not so stupid we will pay the ridiculous prices they are asking for them

  3. Jen

    I’m still waiting for mine. Ordered March 2023. I did convert it to a 2024 before the strike. So I knew i would have to wait a little longer, but now who knows when I will get it.

  4. Ron Venticinque

    My wife and I don’t buy new or expensive vehicles even though we can well afford it. We invest that money into our retirement accounts and our house. Losing tens of thousands of dollars on any vehicle is not a wise investment and doing so is incredibly idiotic unless you are extremely wealthy.

    1. Nelson Gomez

      Why even Comment on this on a Ford Automobile page. Go write this B.S. on Kiplinger’s or some AARP web page. 🙄

  5. Paint Dude

    I agree with Ron, Broncos have a poor build quality and definitely lose their value very rapidly. Chinese components and Detroit people on the assembly line who don’t give a rats ass don’t make for a quality vehicle. It certainly doesn’t help when you drop 60k on one and after 4,000 miles it’s a disgusting pig sty on the inside. Trust me, I see them everyday. A vacuum, a couple cleaning towels, a couple cleaning products and a half hour each month is all it takes !!! Bronco Nation needs a detailing seminar !!!!


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