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Ford Bronco Sport Among Cars That Are No Longer Affordable

With the prices of certain new vehicles still on the rise – even as average transaction pricing has declined over the past few months – we’ve seen both the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport get more expensive recently. However, the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport can at least partially attribute its higher MSRP to the fact that The Blue Oval eliminated the Base trim from the lineup (which is also true of the Bronco), as that model started out at $29,215 versus the new entry-level Big Bend, which costs $31,230, sans destination and delivery charges. Regardless, according to new data from iSeeCars, the Ford Bronco Sport is among the top new vehicles that are no longer affordable.

The Ford Bronco Sport was among six vehicles that was on iSeeCars’ affordable new car list back in October 2022, but in this year’s report, it has fallen out of the rankings. With an average price of $37,041, the Bronco Sport is 1.8 percent more expensive than last year, as well as 2.3 percent above iSeeCars’ affordability threshold, which is what led to this dramatic year-over-year change.

To come up with these rankings, iSeeCars analyzed new vehicle affordability over time using its Car Affordability Index, which compares median household income to an idealized income for financing a car. An index value of 100 suggests household income is equal to the idealized income for a car purchase, while values above 100 indicate that a vehicle is more affordable and values below 100 suggest that they are unaffordable. The good news is, this doesn’t apply to every model out there, at least.

“With the unprecedented rise in interest rates over the past year we didn’t expect vehicle affordability to improve for any segment,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “But used car prices have finally come off their highs and are starting to moderate after years of increasing. Electric vehicle prices have simply tumbled over the past year, improving affordability on both new and used models. This shift, plus the rise in median household income, has improved the situation for buyers and added 23 models to the used car affordability list compared to last October.”

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Plus it’s only going to get worse with the new union contracts.

    1. Mike TowpathTraveler

      Your post pretty much nails it. I was just looking at some Bronco Sports this past Sunday and they averaged out at around 35 grand for each. The only thing left to calculate into what the UAW and Ford did to the customer is add another 2 to 4 grand for each vehicle to account for the massive pay increase given these workers. The UAW and the Big 3 have just dug their own financial graves that much deeper.

      1. Ed

        Nah. The Big 3 have posted record shattering profits for several years now, the same time as spending billions of dollars enriching Wall Street with share buybacks and dividend payments.

        They can afford to pay their workers back for the steep wage and benefit concessions they made during the recession, to raise their pay to match inflation since 2008 and to protect them from more inflation during this contract term.

    2. Jimbo

      Yes the mexican auto workers really put the screws to them for sure. Oh wait…

    3. Bob

      The Bronco Sport is built by non union workers in Mexico. This price increase was driven by what people were willing to pay, which is why anything goes up in price in a free market.

  2. Shelbykl

    They come out with these special editions and stick the sucky 3 cyclinder motor in them. They should offer at least the 2.0 as an option. I would love the retro big bronco theme on the bronco sport with the 2.0 not that sucky 3 cyclinder.

    1. Robert

      I agree

  3. Kevin mack

    If you are a senior ford exec who can count and forecast – you are going to start looking for ways to move parts and
    Overall production out of the US and stay
    Competitive with the Japanese who are
    All in right to work southern states with
    No UAW shop steward looking over their

    This union president zealot won the battle – he’s going to lose the war

    He’s just put his membership’s future of jobs in the US in jeopardy

    If ford was not considering moving
    Production out of the us before

    They are now

    All this production is moveable
    It does not have to be in the US

    When ford runs the numbers
    With these new higher costs
    This will be a major focus for a
    Company that prides itself as a American
    Shop – they will have to move out of the us to compete and survive

    I was a ford customer for years

    I no longer have faith in their management or their products

  4. kml

    The unions took oversized paycuts to keep the automakers alive during the global financial crisis, and have barely seen much increase in base pay since. Meanwhile, the executives are getting multimillion dollar bonuses year after year after year.

    Those of you that are forecasting Fords doom are a bit misguided, and just an in the last downturn, if paycuts are needed the union will likely take them once again. Wash, rinse and repeat.

  5. Alan Kugler

    Those who think the 1.5L three cylinder engine is “sucky” have obviously not driven one or at least not for any length of time. I own one and love it. It has the great advantage of both multi-port and direction injection. The 1.5L will last much longer than the 2.0L. You can have the 2.0L. Give me the 1.5L.

  6. Tim Bright

    The average buyer buys on the basis of their prospective monthly payment. Fortunately, there are many levers to pull in order to get a number to where it needs to be. In the end, if a $426 payment goes to $483, nobody will care enough to pass on a beautiful new vehicle.

  7. Gabi

    I bought one a few months ago and it’s already gone. A little low speed fender bender which resulted in me being significantly injured and the car being totaled. That car crumples like a tin can. I would never recommend anyone buying this vehicle. The fact that it is increasing in price hopefully will dissuade more people from looking into it as an option.


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